Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 2 “Love Will Never Do Without You” with Tracey & Noelle from Teen Mom Trash Talk!!!

This day has finally arrived! A crossover for the ages! This is an epic episode….you GUYS…..Jenelle and Nathan go on their first date for goodness sakes. Tracey and Noelle from Teen Mom Trash Talk Podcast join me today to break down this episode. Just three New York gals in our early 20s talkin’ Teen Mom! On this episode, Leah is already on drugs’s, which we know because…DAT HAIR THO. We discuss Javi and his big D*CK energy and Kail inexplicably wearing a full wedding dress to mediation. Chelsea and Megan enroll in beauty school so they can wrap each other every day bc this is the beginning of Chelsea’s “diet” journey. And Jenelle? Jenelle charms the pants off Nathan with her stories of her legal charges, divorce, abortion, etc….while Babs threatens Jace with a pickle! Enjoy!

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