Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 6 “False Positives” with extra special guest Nick Kochanov!!!

Woot woot! Amanda’s favorite squirrel friend Nick Kochanov (Best Supporting Podcast, The Good Vanilla Podcast) joins today’s episode to discuss this episode, that is forever burned into all of our memories. Thats right: “The Leftover Abortion” episode. On this episode, Leah and Jeremy continue with their #couplegoals as they scream at each other on the way to taking Jeremy to a doctor’s appt he never wanted to go on in the first place. Kailyn and Jo have a heart to heart, and then Jo calls Kail petty, and she gets over it REALLY QUICKLY! It’s AUBREE’S BIRTHDAY…..and she IS THE PRINCESS. Lastly, Jenelle tests positive for pregnancy; hopefully it isn’t half Nathan’s/half Courtland’s! What a ZANY MESS! Enjoy!!!

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