Teen Mom 2 Season5: Episode 7 “These are the Days” (with fellow Canuck Justine Elizabeth!!!)

Im BAAAAACK! In the HOMELAND! I didn’t realize how much I missed these vintage episodes until today, but I am so excited to officially be back! Justine Elizabeth (The Shore Store Podcast, Coast to Coast Cocktails Podcast, Friends of the Countess podcast) joins me to take this giant leap back into the good ol’ days of this crazy show, back when Jenelle and Nathan are actively trying to have a baby amidst her “White Pants in Court” phase, Chelsea just wishes A-D-A-M and his dumb baby would just GO AWAYYYY, Kailyn is the Bridezilla of the ages and she somehow scuplts an entire episode about EARRINGS, and Leah and Corey meet to try to see whose post nasal drip is more severe. Also Gracie tries to light the entire house on fire. Enjoy!!!

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