Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 9 “Miss You Much” with Special Guest John Moum!

Our celebration return month continues! Joan jumps on this week to discuss this hot mess of a show. Has he retained any information or memory of the several past episodes he did before this? I mean, how could we expect him to? He’s going at this thing with fresh eyes and you can tell by how incensed he is about the goings on of these dummies.

On this episode, Leah, stuffy as ever, joins Amanda in her bacon trauma. Chelsea takes Aubree to a dance class so that she can parade around her living doll (And Aubree is sooooooo into it), Kail scream at her bridesmaids about how happy she is with fish lips, as Javi eats a corn dog. And Jenelle? Well, she needs Babs to know what a DUMB IDIOT she is for not understanding what fondant is. Enjoy!

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