Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 11 “Out of the Blue” with Justine Elizabeth!

I’m finally off my pain meds from my big ankle fiasco, and I finally have worked up enough energy to give this episode the attention it deserves! Justine Elizabeth (The Shore Store Podcast, Friends of the Countess Podcast) joins me once again to discuss the BREAKING news from Amber (aka her 5 item online shoppe), and her latest instagram rant that I was lucky (or bored) enough to actually catch in RILL time!

On the episode proper, Leah and Corey have a parking lot discussion about “whippin” that we both seem to have blocked out of our memories. Kail gets back in contact with Smirnoff Suzy (a name I didn’t know existed until this recording) and she has one of those episodes where you just can’t help but kinda like her! Dammit Kail! And Chelsea is soooo silly with her mustache glasses and her banter with Chelsea Grace, but what ISN’T silly is the full tantrum Aubree pulls when Chelsea picks her up from daycare. The best repercussion? ICE CREAM! Lastly, Jenelle is finally pregnant, and Nathan is “really excited” about it. He’s even gonna get her to stop smoking cigarettes! Enjoy!!!

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