Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 13 “That’s the Way Love Goes” with Kristin Mari!!!

I’m back…for now! The FABULOUS Kristin joins me today to wrap up this insane season…and oh boy this episode is a GOODIE. Not only do we get to hear Leah struggling through 6 syllable doctor-ses wordses yall, this is the episode where Nathan tells Jenelle to have an abortion after hearing the heartbeat. If you think that sounded blunt, the words he actually uses are BEYOND. Also, Chelsea is sooooo cold and worried about her big exam. (Calm down Chelsea, you’re not taking the BAR exam….youre finishing your licence for your “big passion in life”). Also, we gotta hand it to Kail, because if you wanna talk blunt? Its Kail actually saying on camera that if Isaac said he loved Vee, she would END IT IMMEDIATELY. Ah….the good ol’ days of Teen Mom 2. Enjoy!!!

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