Teen Mom OG S5:E1 “Back and Better than Ever” with Lauren Hamilton

New Year, new season!!! Today Lauren from Everybody Wants Something Podcast joins me to discuss this revamped version of Teen Mom. We are breaking the fourth wall and no one is more excited about it than Tyler, and maybe the episode’s sponsor, Subway. Farrah isn’t there but sneaky Viacom can always find a way around silly little things like contracts and logistics. Tyler reads some tweets to the audience while April pretends to not be smoking, Maci succeeds in ruining Ryan’s vacation to Nashville with Bentley by sending a cryptic text, and Amber and Gary? The SEXUAL TENSION! Gary is a monster. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 13 “That’s the Way Love Goes” with Kristin Mari!!!

I’m back…for now! The FABULOUS Kristin joins me today to wrap up this insane season…and oh boy this episode is a GOODIE. Not only do we get to hear Leah struggling through 6 syllable doctor-ses wordses yall, this is the episode where Nathan tells Jenelle to have an abortion after hearing the heartbeat. If you think that sounded blunt, the words he actually uses are BEYOND. Also, Chelsea is sooooo cold and worried about her big exam. (Calm down Chelsea, you’re not taking the BAR exam….youre finishing your licence for your “big passion in life”). Also, we gotta hand it to Kail, because if you wanna talk blunt? Its Kail actually saying on camera that if Isaac said he loved Vee, she would END IT IMMEDIATELY. Ah….the good ol’ days of Teen Mom 2. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 12 “What You See is Not What You Get” with Julie (Resting Bitch Face Podcast)

“If Nathan wants to drive and go sit in jail, thats on him, not on me!” Oh, Jenelle. You’re almost there!

We are almost at the end of the season, and today I am joined by Julie from “Resting Bitch Face Podcast” to break this DOWN! Its always nice to have a guest with actual children because otherwise Im just complaining about everything and forgetting that sometimes they can be really cute!

On this episode, Leah gaslights Jeremy into feeling bad for getting upset about her and Corey pretty much sexting each other while he’s out of town, Chelsea is soooooo over Adam, but hates his stupid baby the MOST, Kail and Javi bring baby Lincoln into the world #sexybaby, and Nathan tries to flee the cops by parking in his own driveway. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 11 “Out of the Blue” with Justine Elizabeth!

I’m finally off my pain meds from my big ankle fiasco, and I finally have worked up enough energy to give this episode the attention it deserves! Justine Elizabeth (The Shore Store Podcast, Friends of the Countess Podcast) joins me once again to discuss the BREAKING news from Amber (aka her 5 item online shoppe), and her latest instagram rant that I was lucky (or bored) enough to actually catch in RILL time!

On the episode proper, Leah and Corey have a parking lot discussion about “whippin” that we both seem to have blocked out of our memories. Kail gets back in contact with Smirnoff Suzy (a name I didn’t know existed until this recording) and she has one of those episodes where you just can’t help but kinda like her! Dammit Kail! And Chelsea is soooo silly with her mustache glasses and her banter with Chelsea Grace, but what ISN’T silly is the full tantrum Aubree pulls when Chelsea picks her up from daycare. The best repercussion? ICE CREAM! Lastly, Jenelle is finally pregnant, and Nathan is “really excited” about it. He’s even gonna get her to stop smoking cigarettes! Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 10 “We Belong Together” with Carling & Michelle

Today I am joined by high school besties Carling and Michelle (I Did Not Sign Up For This Podcast)to discuss this amazing episode of Teen Mom 2. On this episode, Leah can’t BELIEVE Jeremy would have the GALL to accept a 5 week job for 40 grand, Chelsea graduated from school, never to do anything esthetician-related again, Kail wears the least flattering wedding dress in the world, even as far as maternity dresses go, and Nathan is “CONSTANTLY TALKING TO GIRLS ALL THE TIME IM SO SICK OF IT!” You all know the scene. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 9 “Miss You Much” with Special Guest John Moum!

Our celebration return month continues! Joan jumps on this week to discuss this hot mess of a show. Has he retained any information or memory of the several past episodes he did before this? I mean, how could we expect him to? He’s going at this thing with fresh eyes and you can tell by how incensed he is about the goings on of these dummies.

On this episode, Leah, stuffy as ever, joins Amanda in her bacon trauma. Chelsea takes Aubree to a dance class so that she can parade around her living doll (And Aubree is sooooooo into it), Kail scream at her bridesmaids about how happy she is with fish lips, as Javi eats a corn dog. And Jenelle? Well, she needs Babs to know what a DUMB IDIOT she is for not understanding what fondant is. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 8 “Breakdown” with Colin Drucker & Nick Kochanov!!!

We continue our comeback with two VIP guests to discuss this iconic episode of Teen Mom 2! The boys from Best Supporting Podcast join me to discuss Javi’s glossy lips, Chelsea’s leopard phase and the fact that we HATE that A-D-A-M is actually the more level headed one in this parental arrangement. Leah, stuffy as ever, brings Ali to her first day of school as Jeremy pounds Mountain Dew, and Nathan congratulates Babs for getting her daughter on herione, although Babs would argue she didn’t put a needle in HER arm! We also discuss more Come From Away shade, bc that is one thing that will never get old. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season5: Episode 7 “These are the Days” (with fellow Canuck Justine Elizabeth!!!)

Im BAAAAACK! In the HOMELAND! I didn’t realize how much I missed these vintage episodes until today, but I am so excited to officially be back! Justine Elizabeth (The Shore Store Podcast, Coast to Coast Cocktails Podcast, Friends of the Countess podcast) joins me to take this giant leap back into the good ol’ days of this crazy show, back when Jenelle and Nathan are actively trying to have a baby amidst her “White Pants in Court” phase, Chelsea just wishes A-D-A-M and his dumb baby would just GO AWAYYYY, Kailyn is the Bridezilla of the ages and she somehow scuplts an entire episode about EARRINGS, and Leah and Corey meet to try to see whose post nasal drip is more severe. Also Gracie tries to light the entire house on fire. Enjoy!!!

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We Love to Hate Everything (Episode 1 preview!)

We’ve been teasing it for weeks now, but our new podcast, “We Love to Hate Everything” is finally live with its first episode ever! This is very much a typical episode, as Jodie and my life spin out of control in funny (for everyone else) ways 🙂 Also discussed? TONS of 90DF (my new obsession). We break down the first two episodes of the new “Happily Ever After?” season. And tangents. Lots of tangents. Also, please note we recording this episode as Jodie was virtually “at my bedside”. Youll get it when you listen. Enjoy and please subscribe to the actual feed for weekly episodes!

Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 6 “False Positives” with extra special guest Nick Kochanov!!!

Woot woot! Amanda’s favorite squirrel friend Nick Kochanov (Best Supporting Podcast, The Good Vanilla Podcast) joins today’s episode to discuss this episode, that is forever burned into all of our memories. Thats right: “The Leftover Abortion” episode. On this episode, Leah and Jeremy continue with their #couplegoals as they scream at each other on the way to taking Jeremy to a doctor’s appt he never wanted to go on in the first place. Kailyn and Jo have a heart to heart, and then Jo calls Kail petty, and she gets over it REALLY QUICKLY! It’s AUBREE’S BIRTHDAY…..and she IS THE PRINCESS. Lastly, Jenelle tests positive for pregnancy; hopefully it isn’t half Nathan’s/half Courtland’s! What a ZANY MESS! Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 5 “You Got Me”

I return to you after a brief hiatus to bring you quite the episode! And by that I obviously mean PURE FILLER. However, sometimes the filler episodes provide us with the most ridiculous and specific nuances to throw shade at so Im not complaining! On this episode, Leah’s hair is about to start walking away on its own, Kail ponders once or twice whats gonna happen with their court case, Chelsea and Megan….get this…GO ROLLERBLADING…and Jenelle and Nathan decide this is the perfect time to reproduce bc they WILL be together forever! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 4 “Working Overtime” with Justine Elizabeth!

Today Justine from “Did I Make That Up” and “Coast to Coast Cocktails” Podcasts joins me for this truly NON-Exciting episode. We think she didn’t really know what she was signing up for but thank GOD she was here bc we at least were able to get SOMETHING out of this SLOG of an episode! Jeremy pretends to have a job in PA just to get away from his family, Kail could have more sexual chemistry with a napkin than with Javi, Chelsea and Adam are DEF sleeping together and also its Chelsea’s bday…(she only mentions it 100 times), and Nathan and Babs enjoy their honeymoon period. Look at that waterfall its so cool, man! Enjoy!

Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 3 “Keep Your Head Up”

Helloooo! Today I fly solo on an amazing episode (but isn’t all of season 5 amazing???) On this episode, Ali tries her damndest to help her mom appear less of a disaster while Corey decides that having muscular dystrophy is “just Ali’s thing”, Chelsea and Adam have sex in a parking lot (with their eyes, but its still at LEAST R-rated), Kail morphs into a demon when its dark out, and Babs meets Nathan and is blown away by his politeness (as Jace slaps the shit out of Jenelle with zero repercussion). Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 2 “Love Will Never Do Without You” with Tracey & Noelle from Teen Mom Trash Talk!!!

This day has finally arrived! A crossover for the ages! This is an epic episode….you GUYS…..Jenelle and Nathan go on their first date for goodness sakes. Tracey and Noelle from Teen Mom Trash Talk Podcast join me today to break down this episode. Just three New York gals in our early 20s talkin’ Teen Mom! On this episode, Leah is already on drugs’s, which we know because…DAT HAIR THO. We discuss Javi and his big D*CK energy and Kail inexplicably wearing a full wedding dress to mediation. Chelsea and Megan enroll in beauty school so they can wrap each other every day bc this is the beginning of Chelsea’s “diet” journey. And Jenelle? Jenelle charms the pants off Nathan with her stories of her legal charges, divorce, abortion, etc….while Babs threatens Jace with a pickle! Enjoy!

Check out guests @trixietuzzini and @noeygirl_ on Stereo for their free Trash Talk After Show at stereo.com/trixietuzzini Listen to Teen Mom Trash Talk & 90 Day Fiance Trash Talk wherever you listen to podcasts! Unexpected Trash Talk and the bonus podcast BS is available at Patreon.com/Trashtalkpodcast

Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 1 “Revelations” with Colin Drucker!

We made it back to Teen Mom 2….and a season that makes me feel warm and fuzzier than walking into a Target! I am Joined by Colin Drucker (Best Supporting Podcast, Alright Mary, In the Details) to discuss the insane episode that will show how much the entire cast WENT WILD during the interim between seasons…WOW! Leah gave birth to Addie (yayyyy……), and Corey is getting married to Miranda and LEAH IS HAPPY FOR THEM OKAY??? Chelsea dresses up as Beetlejuice and meets A-D-A-M at a restaurant to discuss custody and his new upcoming baby with Taylor, and the conversation goes….well, pretty much as expected! Kailyn can’t believe how Jo can be SO SELFISH as to want to live close to his own child, and Jenelle tells us about her heroine relapse, marriage and divorce from Courtland, and upcoming abortion as nonchalantly as if she were reading a grocery list. Also, Jace has learned a new favorite word. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom OG Season 4 Reunion with Justine Elizabeth!

Today Justine from “Did I Make That Up?” podcast joins me to discuss this disaster! Justine chooses the theme song (one of Amanda’s fave Tap dance songs) and we lean way in on how AWFUL Dr. Drew is! Ambaaaaa isn’t here today bc shes in GEL but she DID send a 45 minute statement for America to hear. Its…..fine. Kyle cheated on Maci, Tyler is dressed as a caterer, April HATES Dr. Drew, Deb is scarfing it UP, and Gary is there to laugh about how terrible he treated Amber…WHAT FUN! Oh also? Watching Dr. Drew try to interact with children is truly the most cringy and hilarious shit ever! Enjoy!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 12 “Wake Up” with VIP Guest Troy McEady!!!

This has been a HELL of a season, and somehow we made it to the end TOGETHAAA! I am joined by one of my favorite podcasters, Troy McEady from Dunzo Podcast (CHECK IT OUT its amazing), to discuss this throwback episode of our favorite show. Troy really makes me want to up my game with how good he is at impressions…speaking of which? We do a full character analysis of DebzOG’s voice. On this finale episode, Maci, her mom, and a random never before seen dog have a deep conversation about RHINE, which Kyle continues to melt deeper in the couch. Farrah makes a couple (paid for by MTV) “friends” who don’t know how to handle her when she starts going into instant Farrah cry mode. Tyler shows us a VERY dark side that we did NOT APPRECIATE, but he kind of pulls at our heartstrings at the end when hes going off book, being honest, and veering away from inspirational quotes. Amber and Gary have one of the biggest blowout phone calls, which leads to a very real conversation about how Gary actually is a truly terrible person and should NEVER be praised. When we are both on Amber’s side for a full episode? Not a good sign. Enjoy!!!

Check out Troy’s podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dunzo/id1229709087

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 11 “For the Best”

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! You are all my valentines today (that sounded way more depressing than I intended it to)! Anyway, I hope you are all doing some fun stuff, and being kind to yourselves by binging on gross food and dessert and sex and champagne or whatever the hell it is you love the most 🙂

On this penultimate episode of TMOG, Maci is THE WORST. Yes, I have said that countless times. But this whole birthday things plays out like, dare I say, a COUP? STOP MAKING ME BE ON RHINE’S SIDE, MACI! Cate and Ty have little to do other than meet with Dawn’s scarf about their moms getting to see Carly. Farrah pretends to be sad about letting Sophia go back to Iowa with Deb, but her actions, facial expressions, and words speak a tad different. Amber and Gary? Well, they are kind of just awaiting trial. Hey! Did you guys know that because of a non contact order, Amber and Gary can’t see each other with Leah? And that Amber can’t have Leah overnight because of “vandalism”? THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION! Oh, and Tonya makes an appearance, so I apologize in advance for not booking Jodie for the vocals. Enjoy!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 10 “Change of Plans”

WOW what a day with the snow, am I right people who live directly in my area? I was gonna cry while scooping snow for 2 hours but this episode was SO JUICY that I actually was excited to sit down with some hot tea to talk about some….dare I say…HOT TEA?

I of COURSE address the Gary/Amber/Kristina drawma, as we countdown the next couple hours before the new episode of TMOG. After addressing that (obvi the most important news of the week), we get down the business. Hey! Did you all know that RYAN WAS THE MORE MATURE CO-PARENT at one time??? Farrah has one of the cringiest (and most shadily edited) episode to date, Cate and Ty….get this…decide to put off a semester of college instead of making one simple phone call to an administrator, and Amber? Amber’s doing great. Enjoy!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 9 “By the Rules” with Liz Bentley!

Today I am honored to crossover with Liz Bentley, for her 200th episode of Feathers in my Hair podcast!!! We break this shit DOWN. We discuss the Lauren/Javi/Kail drama and then get into this nitty gritty. Maci…get this….moves into her new house (aka she has about 6 full mins of screen time), Farrah finally realizes how much she hates her own daughter and decides to send her back to Omaha, Butch….DECIDES TO REPRESENT HIMSELF ON TRIAL….and Amber isn’t doing THE BEST with being out of rehab. Also…Gary takes a massive smelly shit in her bathroom and then talks about it. Win-Win for everyone involved. Enjoy!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 8 “The Next Step” with EXTRA special guest, Julie & Melinda from Resting Bitch Face Podcast!

Helloooo! Well, after this harrowing week for everyone, we are here to bring you some silly antics! I am joined by one of my fave podcasts, Resting Bitch Face (which truly…story of my life) Podcast hosts Julie and Melinda to discuss this very EXPLOSIVE episode! You will all remember a lot of stuff from here that you didn’t even know you had memories of. Maci and Kyle…..get this…….LOOK AT HOUSES (and its an edge of your seat thriller as you can imagine), Farrah takes her baby and dog along for her THIRD date for her current man (who is from Austin….in case anyone forgot), Cate and Ty have a dark ass episode dealing with April after an domestic violence incident with Butch (nothing funny in that segment), and Amber? She warns FUCKING GAAARYYY to watch his FUCKING CUSSING around her YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FATASS!

Amber is the worst. Enjoy!

Check out Resting Bitch Face Podcast


Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 7 “Fresh Start”

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry to ring everyone in with such a TERRIBULLL episode but I still made a snack of it! Get ready for some RIVETTING content: Maci takes Bentley to Pre-school again (no… its not deja-vu its just literally happening again), Farrah goes on a date with a beige man who is from AUSTIN (don’t worry he’ll let you know), Catelynn is….get ready…VERY LAZY and doesn’t really seem motivated about school, and Amber comes home from Rehab and I attempt a Tonya impression that is in no way as good as Jodie’s but I TRIED MY BEST! Enjoy!

Teen Mom NYE: “Thats a Wrap” with my best friends in the world, Nick and Jodie!

Do you all remember this insane special??? Babs and Deb have a couple scenes togeher. Chelsea wants to maintain a “fit bod” (we get it Chelsea), and Farrah isn’t receiving any new friends this year! What else is there to say? Happy New Year to all of youuuuwah! You all have gotten me through a really nutso year….on top of COVID….if you know you know! See you all in 2021!!!!

A Nifty Gifty for all of YOUUUWAH!

Happy Holidays!!! Thank you for an amazingly fun year, despite the shit storm that is 2020!

Enjoy these 2 UNLOCKED episodes on on two patreon pages:

On We Love to Hate TV we bring to you the our premiere of Unexpected Season 4 & on Total Request Pod we bring you Saved By the Bell: A Home for Christmas! Click on the links below to listen!




Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 6 “Temper Tantrums”

Happy Holidays to all of YOUUUUWAH! This episode is SO WEIRD bc nothing really happens with 3 of the characters, and then a complete Psychologist’s DREAM happens in Farrah’s section. The amount of trauma was palpable…and that was just mine as a viewer…HEYO! Maci….get this…IS NERVOUS ABOUT PUTTING BENTLEY IN PRESCHOOL (yawn), Butch has to move out of the trailer park bc he literally told the Park Manager that his drug of choice is weed and cocaine (not alcohol IDIOT), Sophia paints her dog’s penis with nail polish and it sends Deb into a catatonic state, and speaking of catatonic? We have Amber doing a pretend Hypnotherapy session, in which my biggest takeaway is that she needs to tend to her piercing. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 5 “Homecoming”

Things are getting PRETTY crazy over here! First of all, Maci is….get this…SIGNING UP FOR COLLEGE CLASSES AGAIN! And prepare yourself for the ZANIEST episode of her TALKING TO ADMINISTRATORS about which classes she should take (spoiler: she INSISTS on taking Poetry…bc…you know….). Cate has yet another incredibly touching storyline which made me cry (shocking), but does it with the MOST Karen hair youve ever seen, Farrah continues to serve as the perfect example of how NOT to raise a puppy (or child), and Gary once again FORCES me to be on AMBER’s side! Gary??? DO BETTER. Enjoy!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 4 “Strike Out”

We are at THAT episode….the beach walk (or rather BITCH WALK) in Florida with Maci and her terrible friends. Pretty much the only good person in this entire segment is Dalis, Ryan’s girlfriend, who seems lovely! I don’t really remember if she actually IS, but she cant be worse than Maci bc MY GOD I was outraged by her behavior in this episode! Speaking of equally bad people, Farrah starts DATING. Or rather, MTV has hired someone to be on one single episode to have very stilted conversation with Farrah until she is sick of him. Also, how did Sophia ever survive with Farrah leaving her everywhere EXCEPT in safe places? Butch is back from prison, and methinks this will be short lived. At least the family dog loves him and that was a cute moment. Then we have Amber and Gary. One of the few episodes Im on Ambers side a little bit and we can kind of see Gary’s gaslighting take effect. He seems legit TICKLED that he is triggering Amber and basically reversing all the work she has done. What a guy! Anyway, Enjoy!

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UNLOCKED! Book Club: “You Have No F***King Idea” by Matt Baier Part 4

Chapter 6 : “TEEN MOM TALES”

Here’s a little early Xmas gift for you all so you can hear what youre missing over at our book club! I promise, you’re gonna learn things you didn’t even ASK to know.


Grab a box of tissues guys, because Matt’s about to break down the TRAUMA of being forced to appear on one of the most famous MTV shows ever. He was just shellshocked when he realized that the show was a real thing! I mean, all he wants to do is LOVE AMBA! Basically this chapter is the following sentence repeated about 16 times: “I never asked to be a part of this show and its really weird being famous and I just want to be with Amber”. Hey guys? Did you know MICHELLE OBAMA knows who Matt is? You didnt? Oh….thats prob cuz its 100% untrue. I did a lot of research for this chapter to debunk all of Matt’s lies, so please enjoy the rollercoaster of deception he is trying to pull on all of us. Enjoy!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 3 “The Places You’ll Go”

Happy Monday everybody! Its been a wild week of podcasting but I knew I had to give my babies what they wanted….albeit a few days late! Luckily you’re all accustomed at this point to me being in no way reliable and I love you for that.

On this episode, Maci REALLY lets her ass hang out and I hate her the MOST in this episode! If Kyle was in anyway still into her, he would have had every right to be pissed off AF! Hey Maci? Its not cute to gloat about how much cuter you are than a girl you haven’t even met who is actually much cuter than you. Cate and Tyler talk about growing up and life and this is life and we are grown up and starting life and life is beginning etc. Farrah forces Sophia (basically at gunpoint) to get a $3000 dog that they have zero business owning when all Sophia wanted was a FUCKING FISH, and Gary somehow thinks Amber is DYING to get some Gary Time at rehab over seeing her daughter who she was actually interested in at this point in the show. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 2 “Letting Go” with Special Guest Alissa Padilla!

WHOOO! This season is GOOD YOU GUYS! We are only into episode 2 and even MACI is giving us the DRAWMA! (I mean…as much as she is capable of). I am joined by Teen Mom superfan and AL2HTM VIP member Alissa Padilla to break this shit DOWN. On this episode, Maci and Kyle have the MILDEST of fights which reslults in Kyle grabbing his already packed suitcase and leaving (This boy is one foot out the door), meanwhile Ryan eats the world’s biggest sandwich. Cate and Ty get their second visit with Carly in New York, and I NEED YOU ALL TO STICK WITH ME as I compare their second daughter Nova to a character in the Land Before Time franchise, Farrah and Deb take MONSTER Sophia out to a restaurant and Deb basically drinks Farrah’s blood in wine form (what biblical metaphor can I even spin here?), and Amber goes to anger management/drug rehab where they teach her how to KICKBOX EVEN BETTER. Also, Leah re-enacts the final scene of “The Blair Witch Project” the second Amber calls home. Tons to unpack here. Enjoy!

Teen Mom OG Season 4: Episode 1 “Separation Anxiety” with special guest Kristin Mari!

THANK YOU ALL for your patience!!! As you might know, its been a harrowing couple weeks podcast-wise, cat-wise, state of the world-wise, and general lack of sleep-wise, but Im BAAAACK! And I know you guys are gonna love this episode! I haved a guest, Kristin (very active member of We All Love to Hate TV and We All Love to Hate Teen Mom on facebook……speaking of which, JOIN US! We are a friendly bunch of snarky people :)) Fingers crossed, things will be back on track starting next week!

On this episode, Maci is given a ton of great advice on how to parent Bentley, and then does the exact opposite, while Kyle plans his escape plan from the relationship, Cate and Ty are fine and cute, but Tyler is trying out some new character which we are NOT here for. Also, they eat floor cake. Farrah is officially jealous of Sophia taking over her 1700’s era childhood bedroom, and Amber? Well. Amber is classic Amber. Did you know she has bipolar? Anyway….enjoy!!!!

Teen Mom Season 4: Episode 12 “The End of the Road” with fan favorite Nick Kochanov!

Well guys, we MADE IT! And oof…..here we are. Nick joins me today to break down this infamous epiosde. Its times like this where we have to thank the MTV Gods for Chelsea for actually contributing some lightness to the episode, bc the other three storylines are DARK AF! Leah and COREY (weird!) bring Ali to get her muscles-es tested-ed…..Aubree spends the entire episode Pun’king Chelsea (which Chelsea is totally fine with bc it just means she can keep missing school), Kail is really excited about her new health insurance…I mean…”marrying Javi”, and Jenelle and Keiffer file charges against Babs and Mike for trying to save Jenelle’s life. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 11 “Hard Knocks”

We are almost at the end of this INCREDIBLE season of Teen Mom, and things are starting to get very dark! I mean, not even in a really fun way. In fact, Jenelle’s scene is so dark this will be the first time I ever feel weird having to even discuss what happens. On todays episode, we get the first sighting of Dr. Tsao, and along with it, our first of MANY scenes of Leah trying to talk to Corey in the waiting room while he tries to do anything BUT actually acknowledge her, Chelsea ONLY has one week left of her VACATION from school, and is DREADING having to come back, and also? How DARE Adam give Aubree a good time on her birthday! Also, a rare sightings of the Linds! And Jenelle and Kiefer? Well….we all know how this season ends. YIKES. Enjoy….?

Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 10 “For Love & Money” with special guest Liz Bentley!

Today’s episode is a TREAT. Everyone is back!!! Kiefer, Jeremy, Javi, (not Allison), and most importantly, Liz Bentley from Feathers In My Hair podcast! As usual it was impossible for 2 TM superfans to keep any discussion to under two hours, so…..you’re welcome? On this episode, Leah get married in the rain for RILL Y’ALL while NOT flying high with Jermy, Chelsea celebrates her 21st bday by drinking “one beer” you guys….but wouldn’t you know it? A-D-A-M texts and ruins EVERYTHEEEENG! Kail’s soul leaves her and body while Javi arranges a half assed “surprise” proposal to her outside of a DINER, and Jenelle is having money troubles, but don’t worry guys…Kieffer is is whittling handmade tobacco pipes and things are looking up! Enjoy!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 9 “Sweet Dreams’

Happy TM Friday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week full of smiles and laughter 🙂

On this episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah continues to be TERRIBLE and again, I am forced to be on Corey’s side…not with the legal part of it but in the “OMG SHUT UP ,LEAH” way. Javi passes his Military test while Issac enters a 3 day REM cycle, Chelsea has SOOOO much on her plate that school is starting to become a burden, Oh, and she has MONOOOO you guysssss, and Jenelle and Kieffer face Gary in court. Well, not in court. On the streets outside court. and also, Gary is about a mile away from them. But really, Keiffer was THIS CLOSE to pulverizing him. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 8 “Don’t Be Cruel”

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today, nothing really exciting is happening in my life which is probably the most refreshing thing I have said in MONTHS! Joyful Joyful! On this episode of Teen Mom, Im in my FILLINGS….I kind of hate everyone! Leah? DEAD TO ME. KAILYN? DEAD TO ME. Chelsea? Youre fine except for DAT TAN, and Jenelle? Well Jenelle? You really did it this TOYME! You get involved with this GUYYYY Gary…..who is abusive….and then you call over KIEFER to my HOUSSEEE??? I’m just so dissapointed Jenelle. Anyway…..Enjoy!!!!

“We Love to Hate TV” Free Preview: Teen Mom 2 Season 10: Episode 1 “New Season, Old Wounds”

Hello everyone! What a treat we have for you today! Jodie and I have joined our Patreon pages to make a MEGA-PATREON, and have renamed it We Love To Hate TV (patreon.com/lovetohatetv)

Today we are giving you a full episode preview of what to expect over there! Every 3 weeks we get together and do a supersized episode recapping the most recent 3 episodes of whichever season of Teen Mom happens to be airing at that time! However, we wanted to start this season off with the bang it deserves, so we wanted to let everyone enjoy it and giggle and snark along with us 🙂

On this episode, Sean brings Khloie THE birthday present every two year old has on their wish list, Briana can’t resist DAT LUIS CHARM, and we discuss what skills go into DJing (yes, yes, we know it DOES require skill), Chelsea and Cole (GASP) become relatable as human beings for the first time in their time on tv together (also we have some big news regarding the state of affairs of different wardrobe happenings), Kailyn is the WORST but also kind of…like..being a good mom???, and Leah continues to play mom of the year while Corey eats some RIBS (and you KNOW we focused for awhile on THAT scene!). Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 7 “For Better or Worse”

Helloooooo friends! She’s back back back again and ready to kiki about Teen Mom again! Life truly isn’t complete without reality television right??? Theres some fun little teasers for upcoming content which I hope you will all find tantalizing and exciting…although Im sure by the time this episode drops, the cat will be out of the bag and eating FANCY FEAST MAWMA! On the episode proper, Leah has a conversation between lovers with Corey, in front of Jeremy, ON THE WAY TO THEIR WEDDING, Chelsea obsesses over evil texts from evil Adam, but at least she looks like Jem, Isaac serves as guest show producer by being in charge of putting a good button on every scene, and Jenelle and Gary REALLY think they’re pulling a fast one on all of us….but get ready for the most unique and thoughtful proposal of all time! Enjoy!

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In Lieu of today’s episode….

Was taking notes and excited to put out a new episode today, when something happened. This sucks and is embarrassing and heartbreaking and I hope all of you won’t be as reckless as I have been! Thank you all for being such a great podcast family and stayed tuned for updates on the status of my account, on my facebook group. Thank youuuuuwah!


Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 6 “Fall to Pieces”

Happy Sunday! I FINALLY have my life back after QUOYTE the week of horror cats and endless driving around. This episode is SO GOOD!!!! So much hilarious stuff happens to make fun of, and also a few things that are incredibly problematic and definitely wouldn’t fly today. Or maybe it would…MTV doesn’t really seem to be ON TOP of being on the right side of history. Anyway, I digress. On this episode, Leah and Dawn start the girlses early on a caffeine addiction, Chelsea gets a failing grade from anyone with eyes on her first client updo, Kailyn’s dog takes a dinosaur shit on the carpet and she takes it out on Javi, who is just trying to LOVE NY, and Jenelle and Babs knew they were due for another epic throwdown, and Babs reminds us of how much Jenelle loves to get high high high high! Enjoy!

Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 5 “So Hard to Say Goodbye”

Big things happening this week! I mean, not in the ACTUAL episode because…I mean PLEASE *eyeroll*.

Please listen to my very quick announcements at the top of the episodes regarding my plans for this season of my Patreon! Other than that, lets get MOVING on this episode! Leah “realizes” she “loves” Jeremy and “should” be with him “forever”, Kail fails to one up Jo with the custody battle, so obviously the next best thing is to prove that her relationship with Javi is WAY BETTER THAN JO AND VEE (meanwhile Issac take a diaper swim with Bear the puppy), Chelsea has the WORST LIFE bc she has WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS, and Babs and Jenelle share a kind of cute KIKI moment over roses from Gary, albeit kind of misguided, but still, we have to cling onto these rare nice moments, right? enjoy!


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$5 Patreon FREEBIE: TMOG Season 6 Reunion with extra special guest, Justine Elizabeth!!!

SUNDAY FUNDAY SURPRISE!!! Since you are all always so freaking awesome and supportive what I do, ad make my crazy life so much easier to handle even when my schedule is crazy, I gift to you all, DAT reunion where Amber tries to fight Farrah.


This was an INSANE reunion and attention must be paid!! We all remember this mostly for Amber storming the stage to try and fight Farrah, but SOOO many other messy ass things happen in the rest of this 2 part special as well! Heres a shocker: Dr. Drew continues to be the WOOOORST, and today I have Justine with me to double down that sentiment! Also on this special, Tyler ISN’T a fat shamer (even thought he pretty much talks openly about how fat he thinks Cate is, while Dr. Drew encourages Cate to keep popping out dem babies bc who cares about her depression??? THE MAN in their marriage wants a boy! Amber just had a mommy makeover, which is quite feat bc usually you get those when youre an actual MOTHER, Dr Drew congratulates Ryan for getting his life together and shames Maci for having two more kids with her HUSBAND, and Deb has a wig on. No, shes not recovering from some kind of medical treatment, its just that Dr David MADE HER GET THE WIG SO SHE WOULD RESEMBLE FARRAH. Oh, and the fight. Its pure gold. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 4 “Faded Love” with extra special guest Amy Chaya!

FINALLY! The bitch put up the episode. And by bitch, I mean meeeee. Its been a week of migraines, dogs, and podcasting, so the week kind of got away from me WOWOW. But here I am, better late than never. Speaking of late, Chelsea DID end up getting her period and she’s “happy” about it (sure, gurl), Corey and Jeremy decide to chum it up in Jeremy’s delapidated NEW (?) house, the Rivera family pulls a fast one on Kail ,which literally required Vee just not parking her car in the driveway, and Jenelle all of a sudden wants breast implants, but Kieffer is there to be boyfriend of the year!

Amy Chaya, listener extraordinaire and Teen Mom superfan/hater, joins me to throw shade and giggle about these darn girlses! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 3 “The Future is Now”

Well guys, the time has come! The moment we’ve all been waiting for:  the return of KEIFA! And he is back with a vengeance, new Abercrombie shirt and everything! Of course, Jenelle has thrown out all her “girlfriend of an army guy” clothes and has taken her “girlfriend of a Kiefer” clothes out of storage. Elsewhere, Adam stands Chelsea…oh I mean “Aubree”, up, to see a movie and then eat hot wings with his senior citizen pals. Jo and Vee pull a fast one on Kail at dropoff, and Jeremy just won’t take the damn hint: GO AWAY! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 2 “Love Hurts”

What a DAY! I have a feeling a lot of you guys use this show and my podcast as a bit of schadenfreude, so please feel free to swim in the rivers of my life as you listen to a recap of literally just the past couple days of my existence! On this episode proper, Jeremy smiles the entire episode because he hates Leah’s kids so much and he is excited that there is a chance for him to get OUT while he still can, Chelsea starts beauty school and makes some friends, all the while sharing all the social anxiety that comes with being an introvert, Kailyn literally ADMITS that she uses PFA’s just to be a bitch…oh… i mean… “prove a point”, and Gary eats grits with a knife as Jenelle plans her great escape so prince Kiefer can come rescue her! Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 4: Episode 1 “Under Pressure” with special guests Seynique and Lauren

Today Seynique and Lauren from my FAVORITE Degrassi recap podcast (Everybody Wants Something) join me for this seriously amazing trip down memory lane. Most TV shows really hit their stride at season 4, and TM2 is no exception! On todays episode, Chelsea and Adam have “safe sex” using my personal favorite birth control, THE PULLOUT, we discover that Kailyn is living out Amber Portwood’s DV storyline (we believe Jo, for the record), Leah pretends to have a miscarriage so that she can have  “The Notebook” movie moment with Corey, only to be left ugly crying in her car, and Jenelle? WELL JENELLE, KIEFAH IS BACK! Enjoy!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3 Finale “Pros & Cons” with extra special guest, Johnny!

Now on the Main Feed:
Teen Mom OG Season 3 Finale “Pros & Cons” with extra special guest, Johnny!
Oh my goodness, we did it! And boy was this finale jam packed with CRINGEY shit that we cannot stop laughing at…its almost as if these people WANTED someone to start a podcast where some basic girl re-enacts everything they dooowah!
I am joined by Johnny (from the Alright Mary podcast) to laugh and throw shade and also talk about porn, how much we hate people with guitars, and basically go IN on our crushes on asshole bros. On this episode proper, Butch and his surprise dog move into Cate and Ty’s house (wearing Chili Pepper pajama pants) and Cate and Ty make a list of rules, Maci is ABSOLUTELY the worst and Kyle is basically backing up out the door on his crutches trying to escape this situation, Farrah takes Sophia on a driving tour of different places Farrah and Daddy Derek used to bitch about their parents together (of course in a huge snow storm), and Gary writes, and sings, a song for Amber. The worlds GREATEST love song has already been written guys, and we didnt even know!
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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 11 “Time Out”

YAS YAS!!! I am back for this HOUR LONG (???) episode of Teen Mom OG. Look MTV…..im all about a super-sized episode. But my GOD if you are gonna do it make it WORTH IT PLEASE!!!! On this episode, Maci….(you’ll never guess) bitches about RHINE not spending enough time with BINTLY, while Kyle is on the sidelines quietly making an escape plan,  Deb whale-cries to Farrah about how she cant live without BABY GOO,  Cate and Ty go on a really romantic (?) skiing trip, and Amber encourages Leah to spread her fever and stomach flu around the entire state of Indiana. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 10 “Stay with Me” with EXTRA special celebrity guest, Robbie Rozelle!

Hello all! After a fun Friday of having to take Walter to the emergency vet for eating a housefly, I offer you a Saturday Al2H edition of pure Teen Mom WHIMSY! Today I am joined by Robbie Rozelle, whose tweet from last week was winning my entire life in a very dark time. Robbie joins me to discuss Into the Woods for awhile, the state of Broadway shows (deal with it…we are both music theatre peopleeeee)  before moving into the true matter at hand: Tyler loves to shimmy! Also on this episode, Bentley drinks ALL the juice in Chatanooga, Maci gets a hair “makeover” (?) that we do NOT approve of, Farrah’s dog escapes the fate of most Abraham pets, and to quote Amber: “Me and GEERY are still sharing custody of Leah, and things are going well. UNTIL YESTERDAY…..”



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TMOG Crossover with Jodie (1 hour teaser)

****This episode appears in full on either one of our $5 Patreon Pages****

Hey all! Today Jodie and I let it ALL hang out. We get everyone caught up on our lives and how Jodie has been handling things since her world changed, we also do our best to discuss how EVERYONE’S world has changed, and that even though we are ignorant, we are trying to keep ourselves educated! We then takes things down to frivolous and recap these Teen Mom fools….some more foolish than others. A couple have a great season, while others fall into the trap of trying to control their narrative…and you KNOW that never goes well! Enjoy!!!

****This teaser includes a HUGE section at the top of us recapping current events and just general hullabaloo, and also we include Catelynn’s entire section.




Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 9 “As Long as We’re Together” with guest Joan Moum!

WHEW! Today we break this shit DOWN…and we go a little BLUE so this episode is not for the faint of heart! The two major themes of this episode is White Privilege (very relevant especially in today’s climate) and also Amanda is the WORST! Seriously….I somehow manage to break out about 10 different stories from my past about how I am truly the worst person EVAAA! I promise…I am a nice person! Joan and I enjoy watch the Abraham family fight their way through Scottsdale as we point out our favorite local landmarsk (most of which are fast food restaurants), Catelynn’s “stable parent” dad comes to visit and sparks a very special connection with Tyler, Maci is apparently the only mom in the world who MISSES her child when shes away, and Amber is still dating that creepy ass boy…but don’t worry, Gary is about to pull a POWER MOVE because Gary is what? THE WOOOORST! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 8 ‘Taking it up a NATCH” with EXTRA special guests Carling and Michelle!

WHEWWWW BOY! We got a SHOW for you TODAY! I am joined by the ladies of the “I Did Not Sign Up For This” podcast (and my two high school best friends) Carling and Michelle…both of whom are Canadian, so they have that extra charm! We have a blast as we recap this episode and take a trip down memory lane. On this episode, Maci travels over hill and dale trying to find ONE single person who thinks it is a good idea for her to have a second baby, Farrah and Michael have a bottomless breakfast while Sophia tries to drown herself in a nearby fountain, Cate and Ty are sponsored by Target, and Amber is READY TO DATE AGAIN! OOGIE BOOGIE MOOGA BUTT! (This is a name she calls Leah in this episode). Enjoy!!!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 7 “Without Youuuu”

Happy Monday, friends! On today’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we get the pleasure of watching Bentley be changed about 12 times and discuss (exclusively) his bodily fluids, Cate and Tyler do the Dew and eat chili while mocking people who didn’t finish high school, Deb makes me never want to eat banana pudding again in my life, and Amber and Tonya go head to head in a battle of nonsense and deflection, while Amber continues to try her best to get bed bugs. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 6 “Terribulll Twoooos”

Happy Teen Mom Friday! And today is EXTRA special because its a certain little lady’s birthday party….and you better BELIEVE this 2 year old is gonna be out ALL NIGHT partying her ASS off. And yes…I mean Leah Shirley.  Shes taking after her ladies man father in fact, bc Gary is ready to party the night away with a “ton of girls”. Amber finds out and Ill let you guess if she is pleased. Also on this episode, Kyle can only speak in rhymes, Farrah does an infomercial about everything to do to NOT raise a puppy, and Cate’s segment makes me actually cry so her and Tyler get a break this week! Enjoy!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 5 “Trick or Treat”

Hellooooo! This is a spooooky episode of Teen Mom today! Mostly because its the TWILIGHT ZONE and I am on Rhine’s side for once…like completely! Maci…take a seat with you spoiled privilege. Catelynn and Tyler have a really cute little episode and get their first JABS, and I can’t really find anything to throw shade about bc they’re pretty adorable! Deb oversteps and “helps” Farrah with her final project for culinary school, only to totally ruin the entire thing, and then gets defensive AF when Farrah tries to tell her that an EXECUTIVE MBA doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on all things food-related, and Amber switches things up for once and sits on the couch and complains about not being able to see Leah. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 4 “Trials & Tribulations”

Hey all! How is everyone out there is TM Love/Hate land? Things are getting CRAZY with the moms this season….except for Maci. NEVER Maci. Maci contemplates moving back home to Chattanooga for the 17th time, Cate and Tyler invite April over for exactly 30 seconds, or enough time to spoke her indoor cigarette at least, Farrah needs us all to know that she HATES BARNEY, and Amber meets withe CPS and the Police and convinces herself that she is gonna be TOTALLY fine and that televised repeated domestic violence is TOTALLY NOT A BIG DEAL! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 3 “The Last Straw” With Liz Bentley!!!

WHEW! What a day of podcasting! Liz (from Feathers in my Hair podcast) and I talked for almost 4 hours today about Teen Mom, and the craziest takeaway from this episode is how LITTLE Amber has changed AT ALL! Actually, none of them really have. Maci is still thinking Ryan wants her back and is desperate to create drama between him and Kyle (spoiler alert: the results of which is THE most uneventful scene in TM history thus far), Butch and his rat tail are released from an 8 month stint in prison, and Tyler lists off about 26 cliche inspirational quotes, Farrah screams at Deb for quietly suggesting they talk to a Lawyer about maintaining custody of Sophia, but Farrah CAN HANDLE THIS HERSELF, and Amber complains to Gary about how unfair it is that her child might be taken away from her. Basically the exact same Amber storyline as this most recent episode. Kinda freaky! Enjoy!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 2 “To Be With Youuuuuwah”

Happy weekend!!! I hope we are all staying happy and healthy, and ready to talk mad shit together about this dumpster fire of an episode! First of all, I confess the biggest crush I have ever had on a single person, and how I am doing everything I can all week to get him out of my god damn system (spoiler: its Bill Hader still). On the episode proper, Maci does the most piss poor timeout in the God forsaken universe, Cate sends Tyler into a full tailspin while going apartment hunting, and then tries to give them both bed bugs, Farrah poses in a….hair show? Looking like a horse? I didn’t really follow. Oh, and in Amber and Gary land, theres trouble in paradise when things get heated on the way to a waterpark. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom Season 3: Episode 1 “Taking it Slow”

HELLOOOO!!! We made it guys! MY GOD this is a great season…so at least we have something to watch during this time of quarantine and uncertainty; the only certain thing will always been our trusty TM gals! I have recovered from my stomach trying to leave my body, so I was truly excited and HONORED to recap this episode for you all!

On this episode, Ryan sends a text to Maci…yes…DAT TEXT….someone actually bails on robbing April’s house bc nothing in there was worth it, Farrah is HERE FOR BOOBS, and Amber really needs to try to forgive Gary for all he has done to hurt her, (the victim). Enjoyyyy!


TRP Unlocked episode (for your Quarantine boredom): Sister Wives S12 E10: Wedding part 2

Love is meant to multiplied, not divided. Same goes for street tacos & tres leches cake because it’s TONY, BITCH! This episode has it all: Brown Family mosh pits, Christine singing, Robyn’s 4th wife privilege, and Meri’s sadness. Amanda is a Sister Wives virgin so after a crash course in Brown Family 101 from Jodie, the nuances of the Wedding Padron-Brown are not lost on anyone. Sure Amanda whips out her piano to determine which note Christine is trying to hit & of course Jodie knows the exact number of street tacos can fit down her gullet, but all in all it was a great reception. Unless you got hit by the flying debris of a mutilated bride or groom piñata.

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 12 “Means to an End” (Season 3 Finale)

Helllloooooo! You guys….we are in a weird time right now but as always, I try to find the humor in it! If anything, it gives me more time to soak up more reality tv content and spit it out for you all! Me, Walter and the Kitties are all Corona free (we aren’t beer drinkers in this house!). On this finale special, Kail acts SUPER mature when Vee extends an olive branch to her, aka she screams in Jo’s face and then invites ONLY Jo to Isaacs bday party, Chelsea FINALLY FINISHES HER FUCKING GED PRAISE THE LORD, Leah seems to not understand the concept of MTV recording her openly admitting 100 times that she loves Corey more than her own Fiance, and Jenelle and Babs skype with Andrew who looks…..just really good you guys. Enjoy!!!!




Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 11 “Breakdown

We are SOOO close to finishing out this season of Teen Mom 2! And OH….the BAD DECISIONS HERE! Its some rough stuff guys. On this episode, I first breakdown the insanity of the Celine Dion concert I saw this past week, and then we BREAKDOWN this episode. Chelsea is having trouble dealing with Adam’s 21st birthday??? This is a thing? Fish Lips Mgee sinks his HOOK deeper into Kail and Isaac to ensure PRIMO TV airtime, Leah and Jeremy skip those pesky little relationships development steps such as getting to know each other, dating for more than a couple months,  knowing each others middle names…etc… and decide to skip right to GETTING ENGAGED, and Jenelle sends a SHOCKWAVE to the audience that Andrew might not be Jace’s dad even though they look identical to each other. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 10 “Half Empty, Half Full”

Happy March, everyone! And happy church day to us all! Did you all have a good leap year week? Other than a very miniscule nervous breakdown, mine was splendid! You’ll hear ALL about it, whether you want to or not. On this episode, Kail decides to move into a house where her bedroom will look like an actual crime scene, Chelsea moves into a new house that is SOOOO CUTEEEEE DAD!!!!, Leah drops out of school the because the stress of making a 30 second phone call to Corey is making it impossible to keep up with her homework, and GUESS WHOSE BAAAAACK in Jenelle’s life? Looks like shes gonna need to break out her blue hoodie again! But where is that hoodie? You’ll find out! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 9 “A New Direction”

Happy Tuesday! Ive been putting off this episode because, lets face it, it bums me out just a teensy bit talking about SUPER preventable dog deaths, but I made it through…and I even got a dog-free Chelsea/Mary scene for ya! Also on this episode, Jeremy is THRILLED to have Leah absolutely be settling for him….she literally tells him as much, you guys! But I see his long con…he wants in on that sweet sweet new house! Kailyn has yet another devastating backstory episode, which includes Suzy…who HILARIOUSLY thinks she has some kind of custodial rights over Isaac. Sure girl, sure. And We bid a fond farewell to Josh. Oh Josh….gone but not forgotten. Except…..FORGOTTEN. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 8 “Caught in the Middle”

Helloooo! Happy TEEN MOM 2 FRI-YAY! I had a blast watching and recording this episode, as I always do for these classics. On this episode, Chelsea SCHOOLS all of us on the finer points of potty training in the living room, on a shag rug…..we pretty much watch the exact moment Corey realizes he doesn’t ACTUALLY want to get back with Leah…now that its way too late, Kail has another boring but kind of endearing episode, Austin-style, and Jenelle HAS A HEADACHE! WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT???? Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 7 “Building Blocks” with extra special guest, Johnny from Alright Mary!

Hello friends! Johnny is back to kiki about the travesty of this garbage heap of a show. And he did his RESEARCH today, Mawma! On today’s episode, we discuss getting “caught in the act”, play a little game of Fuck, Marry, Kill, and go into the criminal records of everyone on the show. Kailyn has truly the most depressing storyline ever (so we dont really talk much about her), Chelsea and all her friends have bought out every store in South Dakota for FEATHERS, and Chelsea is really excited to start cosmetology school, if it wasn’t for that pesky GED! Don’t worry, she really nailing it at life otherwise (buttered noodles aside). Leah introduces Jeremy to literally everyone in her life, and each meeting is more awkward than the next (not to mention that Corey has chosen this time to come in and eff everything up with his manipulation….I hate men so much), and Jenelle and Babs start out with a BANG of a fight that has zero context, but you know everything can easily be fixed with a nice big glass of red wine at noon. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 6 “A Leap of Faith”

Happy FRI-YAY! Its been quite a day of podcasting, but my heart always truly lies in these throwback Teen Mom episodes! On this episode, Leah and Jeremy begin a courtship for the ages (seriously…its STILL FUCKING HAPPENING TO THIS DAY EVEN THOUGH ITS DEAD), Kail has her most vulnerable episode yet, and Jo can barely contain his laughter, Chelsea wears an Arizona Red Clay mask on her face for this entire episode and is SHOCKED to learn that she has the symptoms of someone with low self-esteem!?!?!?!. And Jenelle. Jenelle meets a new GUYYYY…..but there’s already trouble in paradise when after 3 days of bliss, Jenelle gets in a bad mood. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 5 “Second Chances” with Extra Special guest Nick Nochanov!

Hello all! On this amazing throwback episode, Nick joins me to throw some mad shade at the moms, and at each other! On this episode, Kail doesn’t understand why Jordan would dare ask her if she is planning to cheat on her, Leah and JERMY go on their first date (meaning Jeremy spends the entire date trying to SMASH his GoKart into her), Chelsea feels spontaneous and adopts a $6000 puppy, and Jenelle writes a letter and buys a slip and slide! Enjoy!






Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 4 “Life Goes On”

Im baaaaack! After a much needed holiday hiatus, I am so pumped to get back into TEEN MOM TWOOOAH! On this episode, Leah decides to go back to College for a couple weeks, but has to take an entrance exam (I won’t spoil if she passes or fails), Jordan should technically be dead from the amount of milk he chugs in front of the camera after eating children’s cereal, Chelsea goes to a concert but also ACTUALLY does something with her GED (calm down, it was the practice tests guys), and Jenelle attends the Ke$ha concert with Tori and meets her new best friend, the Bondswoman. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 3 “Things Come to an End” (but really…its the Ke$ha episode) with extra special guest: JOAN MOUM!

WOW WOW WOW! We have made it to arguably one of the most CLASSIC episodes of this show, and John is back to break this shit DOWN! This episode is jam packed with our favorite Teen Mom 2 tropes: Kail is TOTALLY NOT JEALOUS of Jo’s new “girlfriend”, so she decides to prove it by taking him to court for a single picture posted on the Facebook, Leah continues her lifelong goal of trying to convince everyone (most of all, herself) that its Corey’s TRUCK’s fault that they got a divorce, John is absolutely gobsmacked to find out that Chelsea and Adam are actually together in this episode (even though Adam acts like he despises the very air she breathes), and Jenelle? Well….Jenelle gets some feathers in her hair and Babs is OVER IT. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 2 “Keeping Hope Alive”

Happy Saturday! You guys have a REAL TREAT ahead of you! You get to experience almonst in real time, my transaction with Shutterfly Customer Service. Oh the twists and turns! Anyway, after I sort all that out, we get into this amazing episode. Leah is SHOCKED to find out that Corey isnt spending every waking second crying over his lying and cheating ex-wife, Kail forces herself to be sexually attracted to Jordan again, ADAAAAMMMM gives Chelsea a “minimum effort” ring that makes Randy eat 700 lb of bbq ribs in response, and Jenelle fails her drug test and is SOOOO UPSETTTTT DUUUUUDE! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 1 “Walk the Line”

Oh joy unbounded! Rapture unending! You guys….I found the light in the darkness that is the currently airing TM seasons….and the light is THESE OLD EPISODES! Watching this episode made me remember why the heck I started this podcast in the first place, bc this show is SO FREAKING GOOD!

On this episode, Chelsea teases us with some feathers in her hair, and turns into the heart eyes emoji when she looks at Adam, I break down Jo’s MUSIC VIDEO for you (but still guys…go watch it), Leah somehow turns her divorce into 100% Corey being a big fat jerk, and Jenelle and Babs….well…..theyre back. THEY’RE BACK! Enjoy!


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MIDSEASON BONUS: “Best Supporting Teen Mom Awards” aka A Crossover with Nick & Colin

Hello everyone! Happy early holiday wishes to you all! Today, Best Supporting Podcast hosts Nick Kochanov and Colin Drucker (Two of our all star guest hosts for AL2H), join me to present the First Annual Best Supporting Teen Mom Awards! We also discuss random pop culture and BSA of the Week. You guys…this episode is a blast and we promise to make it an annual event if you love it as much as we loved recording it!

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Teen Mom 2 Season ??? Episode 9: Sugar-Coated Mood

Hello everyone! This week was TUMULTUOUS to say the least…lots of tension there…WOWEE! But you know I thrive off of the tension, so I loved this episode obviously! This week, Kail is officially Mama Culkin crossed with Bert and Ernie, Jade works the Mother’s Day shift and gets shit online for seeming stressed out, Briana officially hates John more than both her baby daddies combined, Leah is once again mother of the year, and Chelsea needs to poop in a gas station restroom, 2007 Britney style! Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season Bored To Death: Episode 8 “Bailout”

Hello! Today’s episode is brought to you by the emotion JOY! I found this episode incredibly non-exciting, yet couldn’t turn away! Turns out…I’m not COMPLETELY void of feeling and I do actually get happiness out of other people’s smiles and laughter! On this episode, Briana wants me to hire her as my early morning cat sitter, Kail has truly the HAPPIEST scene shes had in Teen Mom history, Jade chooses to pay rent over bailing out her Mother Adnan from prison, Chelsea drives 45 minutes to say yes to the plaid, and Gracie officially is higher on the fashion spectrum that I will ever be. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season Infinity: Episode 7 “Normal Parents”

Hey all! So on this episode, I OBVIOUSLY am going to deal with the BREAKING news from today (Jenelle is feeling cryptic and SPOOKY OOKY today), Javi is starting Lincoln early into body image issues, Briana was in Long Island and didn’t even call me (rude!), Jade pulls a Carrie Bradshaw and gets a makeover, Chelsea says the word “hunter green” and is immediately deemed a fashion mogul, and Corey is back to actually show us hes not running as tight a ship as we all had thought. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Vacation: Episode 7 “Getting Lei’d”

Hey all! On this pretty hysterically funny episode, (Well at least for one cast member…oh JESUS GOD), I am equally bored and intrigued by this cast. Did you guys know Kail was “in this episode”? Also, it turns out my target wardrobe of jeans and graphic tees classifies me and “edgy” and “unique”…who knew? Also, Roxanne finds a new excuse to fan herself and cause drama where none exists, Jade needs to emancipate herself from literally everyone, and Leah and Dawn are BOTH not qualified to teach level 1 Gymboree art classes. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season Who Cares: Episode 6 “Make it or Break it”

Hello, Friends! On this(truly RIVETTING) episode of Teen Mom, MTV really seems to be leaning into this “Leah likes to drink alcohol” storyline, and also, Jeremy needs to learn to censor his X-Rated sex language while he is HOLDING HIS CHILD, Chelsea remembers a bag she saw one time and brilliantly sells it as a diaper bag for $3000 each, Sean officially replaces his eyes with black marbles, Kail is kind of a badass, and Briana makes my black heart feel empathy yet again. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season Infinity: Episode 5 “Walking the Walk” with Extra Special Guest, John (Joan) Moum!

Hello all! Today has been a long time coming! I am joined by one of my best friends in the universe (and AL2H OG fan), John Moum to discuss a very boring episode of Teen Mom 2 (shocker). But we find tons of fun topics to veer off into, including some very embarrassing college stories from both of us! On this episode, Leah acts LESS MATURE than her own children and LETS THEM LOOK AT HER TEXT MESSAGES??? Is she INSANE? Kail spends time with her dogs which, lets be honest, was my fave part of the episode, Devoin takes Nova to the American Girls Store (and John explains to me wtf that is), Sean has a freakout on Instagram Live, and Cole magically changes a pair of Elton John sunglasses into a pair of manly aviators….oh…but I caught that shit, Coley! Enjoy!





Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 4 “Truth Hurts”

Hey all! Happy PRIDE….and don’t we truly all just have Chelsea and Cole to thank specifically for all the strides we have made in the LGBTQ community? Join me as I break THAT mess down. Also, Briana and John take a VACATION, Leah takes a VACATION and discuss with Victoria about how she got knocked up on their recent VACATION, Methinks Kail MIGHT be lying when she says she has no bad feelings toward Javi and Lauren, and even though I am an ignorant white ass Canadian, I feel like the cops were kind of being terrible douchebags in Jade’s segment….right? Am I right? Am I crazy? Anyhoo….Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 21 (?) “Direct Message”

Whoa! What a turnaround this gal is giving ya! I busted my kneecap today and apparently that opened up a couple stories from the vault of my insane past relationship so tune in for THAT….but also Teen Mom 2 happened! I mean…stuff “happened” I guess. On this episode, Leah and JERMY take Addie to the doctor and I actually HAVE EMPATHY FOR A CHILD FOR 5 SECONDS, Im back on team Kail as well and I think she might be getting a good edit, as she comes to terms with accepting being single for a little while, Briana deserves so much better than this NY Chicken Fucker, we wonder when Jade and Sean will reveal that Sean IS NOT SOBER, and Aubree is ALL OF US WITH HER SIDE EYE! I love Aubree. Aubree, lets talk. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season WHATEVER Episode 1 & 2 “Hey Girl Hey” and “Welcome to the Jungle”with EXTRA special guest: Johnny from the Alright Mary Podcast!

Hey all! I’ve returned from a stressful week of stuff but Im back and more ready than ever to discuss this RIVETTING season of TM2! Just kidding….this is pretty boring. But I do have an amazing guest: Johnny from Alright Mary podcast! We break down the Amber drama and delve deep (or as deep as we possibly can) into these first two episodes. Enjoy!!!



Special Patreon freebie: Amber Behind Bars

Hey all! I am spending all day working on an audio issue for the first two episode extravaganza of this current season of TM2…and that will most likely take me several hours today and give me tons of gray hair. But until then…to tide you over I am releasing my Amber Behind Bars Special from my $5 Patreon! In the wake of what has recently been happening in TM news, this is even more eye opening how easily she can manipulate and turn it on and off for the cameras. Enjoy…or despise. 🙂


Free Patreon Preview! “Being Gary” with special guests Jodie Hough and Nick Kochanov!

Hey all! I hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing holiday Monday! Because you are all FABULOUS, I am giving you guys a free preview of being Gary….truly one of my favorite episodes ive ever recorded!

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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Reunion aka Dr. Drew feeds on the tears of reality stars

Helllooooo all! I hope youre all having a happy and relaxing Labor Day Weekend! Im not, but this week my life will finally kind of return to normal! Here is my Season 2 reunion recap….a couple days late but I promise I worked hard on this dumpster fire! On this episode, Dr Drew MAKES EVERYONE CRY…and then other stuff also happens, but truly thats what he came for and thats what we are being served. Enjoy!!!


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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 12 “See You Soon”

Hello all! We did it! We made it to the end of this tumultuous season…with quite a few cuts and scrapes to show for it! On this supersized episode, Maci and Ryan FIGHT OVER CUSTODY! Can you believe it??? Rivetting. Cate and Ty visit Carly and its pretty much the sweetest thing Ive ever seen…and thats ME saying that! Farrah dates a “straight” guy…who never actually tries to even imply he is straight (good call there, Deb), and Amber and Gary are really, really calm with each other as Leah rubs popsicle and packing tape all over her body. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 11 “Too Much Too Soon” with Nick Kochanov!!!

Hey all!!! Ive been insanely busy lately and the ONLY thing keeping me conscious right now is talking about this Teen Mom episode with all of you…and of course with audience favorite Nick Kochanov! Thank GOD for Nick and laughter. On this episode, Kyle SHOCKINGLY is not excited about waiting 2 hours to watch Bentley shit in the toilet, Farrah ugly cries about how her teenage dream ended, and also…DEB, please convert to DEBSOG immediately bc you are AWFUL, speaking of awful….APRIL…..you seriously suck. And GEEERY? I don’t know if I want to hug you bc you are crying or hate you bc you are obviously being very manipulative. Either way, Nick and I manage to discuss pooping and dick pics, Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 10 “Lashing Out”

Hello friends! This episode is going to be a HUGE TREAT for you…it certainly was for me. I didn’t even see this coming at all, but this is THAT episode. Yes, THAT ONE. The one where Amber Krav Maga’s Garys ass all the way down dat stairwell. I mean, other things happen I guess. Maci’s cooking skills couldn’t even get her hired at a prison, April beams with pride over Cate’s failing grades on her report card, and Sophia hasn’t learned how to hug, kiss, or show affection…in this episode, and also currently as of today. I want to say enjoy, but the Amber stuff is honestly pretty hard to watch, so I did my duty to recap all the darkness for you so you don’t have to watch it (but you still probably should watch…cuz its pretty insane). Love you all!


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Bonus Episode: Total Request Podcast “Catfish”

A very special freebie of our latest Total Request Pod, featuring CATFISH! Today, Jodie and Amanda go DEEP. I mean, OBVIOUSLY we discuss anal sex, pooping, pegging, and such basic topics, but ALSO we discuss this terrifying episode of Catfish that gives us the heebie jeebies to the max! Guys…how are people STILL GETTING CATFISHED TODAY? Oh wait…it happened to Amanda. Carry on!

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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 9 “Family Bonds” with Jodie Hough!!!

Hey all! I decided I owed everyone an early episode so here it is! Jodie and I go off topic a LOT….mostly about pooping and butts….and I know you all wouldn’t want it any other way! On this episode, Maci moves to Nashville and THAT IS ALL THAT HAPPENS, April is the unsung STAR of this franchise, Farrah is shockingly bad at self-taught sewing, and Amber tests out her Krav Maga on GEERY! Enjoy!


Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 8 “Hello & Goodbye”

Im baaaaack! Did you miss me? Come with me everyone, as I explore this sort of filler episode. Although, with Amber and Gary, there is never any real filler. Just yelling. And bacon. And couches. On this episode, Kyle grows an entire extra wrinkle overnight, Cate breaks out the rubber bands for some phone call closeups, Farrah goes to the zoo and is annoyed at Sophia for having a good time, and Amber and Gary are basically Fred and Ginger. Enjoy!


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Never Complain, Never Explain (Except thats exactly what im about to do because this is my podcast)

Hey guys! As you can tell by the short run time, this isn’t an actual episode. But I do IMPLORE you all to listen, as several of you have been worried I have gone off the deep end or am back with my ex boyfriend (aka the dark side) and such things are not true, so never fear! Talking through this just now was like a therapy session for me, so thank you for being an ear for me to scream into. Love you all!!!


Crossover Extravaganza! Teen Mom 2 Season 6, Episode 3 “No Apologies” with Liz Bentley and Troy Mceady

The day has arrived! This week I joined with Troy from The Smush Room Podcast, and Liz from Feathers in my Hair podcast to discuss a truly classic episode of Teen Mom 2. So many meme-able moments, so much messiness, so much midnight ravioli as prepared by Leah! On this episode, Kailyn and Javi fight over her being “sneaky”, Adam gaslights his own daughter while on a date with his methy friend, Nathan wants Jenelle to “Stop It”, and Addie almost suffocated under her own backpack. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 7 “Senior Prom” with extra special guest, Erin Pittleman

Hey guys! Today I welcome one of my true soulmates, Erin Pittleman, (who I did some theatre with in Florida back in Medieval times) and pop her Teen Mom cherry! And it was ohhh so good! On this episode we discuss how my tourettes almost got both of us fired from a show, how we lost our virginities (spoiler: both stories are less exciting than the next), and we try to outdo each other on how much we love our dogs. Oh also, we discuss Teen Mom! On this episode, Maci continues to be BEIGE as can be, Amber (who Erin actually chose as SECOND up this week!) wants to go out for her bday to blow off some steam, but not if Gary can help it! DebsOG is ALL OVER the Baby GOOOO talk, and Cate has the most dark episode to date, as she goes shopping for prom dresses with evil April. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 6 “Trial & Error”

Hey guys! This was kind of a ball to watch and also record! On this episode, Maci and Frankenstein continue to progress in their relationship and I wonder if Kyle is is incredibly well endowed…bc HOW???? Farrah goes speed dating and she almost bakes Sophia’s diaper into a pizza at work, Catelyn is a FUCKING CHAMPION and I will NOT stand for bullying of her anymore after watching this episode, and Amber takes the GED test and its truly the best 4 minutes of television I’ve seen in weeks. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 5 “Secrets & Lies” with audience fave, Nick Kochanov!

Guys! This episode was so fun to record with my bestie Nick Kochanov (from Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour Podcast and The No Good Very Bad Gay Podcast) as we POP his TMOG cherry! And oooooooo was it good! We laughed a lot, cried a lot, and a lot of this episode might feel like mommy and daddy FOYTING. This is very much a battle of the sexes episode between the two of us (Cate and Ty storyline especially) and we truly hope you enjoy celebrating Easter with us!

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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 4 “Spring Break”

Happy CAT-urday everyone! Latrice was literally crawling all over me during this episode but what else is new? I powered my way through because I am what? PROFESSIONAL. On this episode, Maci and her friends are definitely those girls that would bully me in high school, I really start to realize what a whiny little manipulative bitch Tyler is, DebzOG breaks out the ol’ Farrah baby album, and Gary and Amber make it known just how much they hate their own baby. Oh also, Gary proposes. Oh ALSO? GARY IS SHIRTLESS IN THIS EPISODE. Enjoy! (I know i did!)

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Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 3 “Valentine’s Day”

Happy Friday to all! Its been a rough week over here in AL2H land but gossiping about trashy reality tv always brightens my mood!

On this episode, Maci TOTALLY DOESN’T care about Ryan’s new girlfriend, and Kyle enters the picture, Cate and Ty go skating (both ice and wheels), Farrah LEAVES BABY SOPHIA IN A SINK FULL OF HOT WATER, and Amber and Gary’s romantic dinner is ruined by their stupid baby! Enjoy!


Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 2 “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” with extra special guest Samantha Mitchell aka “Smitch”

YOU GUYS! This was one of the most fun nights of my podcasting career. I finally got to meet my true soulmate, Smitch, and we finally got to discuss all the things that make us the exact same person: Hypochondria….our hatred of children….our love of Animals…true crime and of COURSE…TEEN MOM!  We break this shit DOWN. On this episode, Maci’s friends’ weigh the options of having a rich famous roommate who also has a child who wants to literally bash his own head in, Cate lies to Ty but WE CAN ALL RELATE GIRLS!….Farrah continues to be kind of adorable and RELATABLE, and well…Amber and Gary. Just………listen. Enjoy!

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