Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 11 “One Step Back”

Hi guys! This week, we have part two of the CREDIT CAHD episode! Babs threatens Jenelle with criminal CHAAAHGES, Chelsea confirms that she IS indeed a mean girl (But she is SOOOO over Adam you guys) Kail files for custody for the first of exactly one thousand times, and Leah and Corey want a Camo wedding cake and I want to die. Enjoy!!!



Teen Mom 2 Episode 10: Forget about Dre

Hello fellow Haters!!! What the hell is with this episode title? this should be called “The long kiss goodbye” or “Cole lives his true self through a school dance”.

On this episode, Briana and her mother show us a side to their relationship that no one was ready for, Leah and Kailyn talk about doing a podcast, then do the podcast, then talk about having done the podcast, Jenelle has a brother who WILL NOT STOP WASHING DISHES, and Cole hits MY personal limit of using the term “HAY GURRRL!”, Just….enjoy please!




Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 10 “Thirsty”

Hello friends! on today’s episode, Javi and Briana FINALLY break up and somehow the world continues to spin, Brittany eats toxic waste soup in front of us and calls Briana a bagel, Kail is ALWAYS RIGHT and Im finally slightly annoyed by her, Jeremy knows nothing about color schemes, we find out that Cole’s favorite color is pink and literally no one is surprised, and Jace says what everyone in the world is already thinking. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 10 ” Two Steps Forward” (but really….this is THE CREDIT CAHHHD EPISODE)

Hello friends! Today Nick Kochanov is back to join us to discuss what is probably the most important moment of our entire friendship: When Jenelle steals Bab’s credit card!!! Also, Chelsea WILL NOT STOP TALKING about how over Adam she is. Leah and Corey have the two worst Bachelor/ette parties in history, and Jo and Kail are just the best!!! Enjoy!

Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 8 “Quicksand”

hello friends! This season continues to be terrible and boring but lets keep trudging along! Today, Leah and Jeremy pretend to be coy even though their past the age of COYness, Chelsea talks about ADAAAAMMMMM as Cole POSES on the carpet, Briana could care LESS about Javi, and Kailyn doesn’t like getting presents I guess. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 9 “Slippery Slope”

Hello friends! Today we get down to some goooood nitty gritty!!!! Jo tells Kailyn she should be a cave dweller, Chelsea and Adam have a fun filled love fest at the Fair, Leah buys a wedding dress with Corey’s mom who could not BE more in shock about the whole situation, and Jenelle and Keifer plan to go to Jersey with those CREDIT CAAAHHHDS!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 6 “Unicorn Poop”

Hello friends! On today’s episode, you will journey with Amanda as she tries to heal her janky eye. Chelsea and Chelsea Grace audition for an episode of Fargo, Jeremy makes Leah and the rest of us SWOON, Briana misses her babies, Kailyn wears crushed velvet and we are in a fight over it, and Jenelle and David perform Cabin Fever the sequel. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 5 “Bitter Baby Mama”

Hello fellow hate/lovers!!! This week’s episode was much ado about nothing…but I have FAITH that we are leading up to the BIG BANG!!! This week, Chelsea forces med to see plaid even when my eyes are closed,  Leah wants Aleah to feel her FEEELLLZES…..Briana yawns and eats sushi, Kailyn and Vee are friendship goals, and Jenelle and David prepare a meat and cheese appetizer to accompany an uncut pizza.  Enjoy!!!






Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 7 “Switching Gears”

On today’s episode, we have many milestones being met! Kailyn gets a hostessing job and Jo sends an Adam-level text in response, Chelsea says ADAAAAM about 300 times, Corey makes Leah fish for her own engagement ring, and Jenelle and Keifer make themselves comfortable in the cabin they will soon be arrested for trespassing in.  Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 4 “The Hangover”

hello fellow Teen Mom love/haters. This week we return to old format, thank GAWD. I can’t handle these girls interacting with each other….and that includes Javi. Today, Chelsea and Cole baby talk my vagina into menopause, Briana and Javi cause Brittany to spill tomato sauce and the world somehow continues to turn, Kail introduces the world to my new celebrity crush Dom, Leah needs ALL the cigarettes, and Jenelle calls 911 *eye roll*. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 6 “Taking Sides”

This week, Nick Kochanov joins me again to discuss this riveting episode of teen Mom 2. Corey and Leah mouth breath at each other and wear Camo, Randy throws some shade at Adam but still is an enabler, Kail tries her damndest to convince people she IS NOT INTO JO FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, and Jenelle helps Babs hand CREPE PAYPA for Jace’s BIRTHDAY PAAATEEEE!





Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 5 “Moving In, Moving Out”

Happy Mother’s Day to all you PIECE OF SHIT MOTHAS OUT DEYA!!!! But seriously, I love all you listeners and I hope you enjoy this episode! On this episode, Corey does a piss-poor job of not only taking care of the girls, but just being alone in his own house for a couple hours, Jo attempts to trap Kail in NEWARK, Chelsea and Adam continue in their “bliss” (aka Adam is being Kinda nice), and Jenelle and Kiefer stay out all night smoking THE WEEEEEED and Babs is NOT having it. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 4 “Moving In, Moving On”

Hello, fellow Teen Mom addicts! Today I explore what I would call a FILLER EPISODE….TO THE MAXXXX! But never fear, we are building up to ultimate drama, and it’s a slow slow burn, especially when you want the results we know are coming! In today’s episode, Adam terrorizes a family of ducks at the zoo, Kailyn cries about tuition payments, Leah and Corey move into a trailer, and Janelle meets……*drum roll please* KEIFAAAA!!!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 1 “Not to Stir the Pot” (but really…let’s stir DAT POT!)

Hello friends! Isn’t the world such a happier place now that Teen Mom 2 has returned? The sun is shinier, the grass is greener, and the land continues to wreak havoc on all that enter. On this episode, Chelsea continues a storyline from…like…2 seasons ago? Leah, Kai Briana and Javi all morph together into one single super storyline, Briana and Javi CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY HATE DRAMA, and Jenelle is back. And with Janelle, there comes Barb. And Barb is PISSED OFF TO THE MAX you guys. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 3 “Change of Heart”

Hello! I had a great day today so I decided to grace everyone with another episode on this gorgeous Friday! I had my doctor appt (spoiler: I am NOT dying!) and I discuss a little more of the developing Jenelle road rage incident. On this episode proper: Chelsea is FLABBERGASTED by Adam’s ability to keep a baby alive for an hour an a half, Leah and Corey continue to get back together while Corey avoids blowing his nose, Kailyn “breaks up with Jordan”, and Janelle buys a sundress. Enjoy!!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 2 “So Much to Lose”

Hello friends! Today I discuss that AMAZING gift that Jenelle gave us….her gun totin’ highway driving…and also that creepy ass video Tyler’s sister posted that will forever be in my deepest nightmares. On the episode proper, Chelsea falls for Adam’s 3 words per sentences, Kailyn dates the smuggest robot who ever robot-ed, Leah and Corey mumble to each other about poor little Ali, and Jenelle’s lawyer wins an Oscar for “best ability to act like you aren’t going to laugh out loud at a client”. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 1 “Nothing Stays the Same” (Except for Amanda’s obsession with Babs)

You guys! I have such a treat for you! My best friend and co-host on my other podcast Nick Kochanov is my guest this week. He has never seen an episode of Teen Mom in his entire life, but I tell ya, he put his heart and soul into this recap! We laugh a LOT as we embark on this joyous journey that is the early seasons of Teen Mom!


16 & Pregnant: Chelsea

Hello! We are almost finished with our Teen Mom 2 girls! This week I recap Chelsea’s journey through the dark underbelly of dating a sociopathic douchebag! I go through a wide range of emotions here…and you’ll never predict where I end up at the end! Spoiler: I forgot how much I used to LOVE CHELSEA!!!! Also, Adam is literally the WORST.  Enjoyyyy!


16 & Pregnant: Caitlynn & Tyler

Hello! Happy Good FriYAY! I decided to ruin everyone’s day today by dropping the most emotional and depressing episode of 16 and Preggers on y’all! Listen, I watched this and am giving you a detailed recap so none of you ever have to watch it again! Its pretty rough guys. But I tried to find the LOYT-heartedness of it when I could! Enjoyyyyy!


16 & Pregnant: Kailyn

Hello friends! Surprise! I dropped another episode on you! One day I will figure out an official day to drop episodes but until then, join me will you, on this journey into Kailyn’s 16 & Pregnant episode. Things you need to know: Kailyn’s hair is awesome, there is a story arc with a kitty that I am concerned about, and both her birth parents are pretty much useless in her biggest time of need. Enjoy!!!



16 & Pregant Recap: JENELLE!!!!

my favorite cast member of the whole series…and the one who I credit with making me fall in love with this franchise. I also do a recap of this most recent episode of Teen Mom OG where literally nothing happens….but please join me as I recap the origins of jenelle, Babs, Jace, Deadbeat dad Andrew, and that weird bf of Babs who ran off with a Hooters waitress. Enjoy!!!


16 & Pregnant Recap: Farrah Abraham

You guys…recapping this episode was almost a religious experience for me. For any of you who think you know Farrah, PLEASE go back and watch this because if you can watch this episode and NOT think she’s kind of delightful….don’t sit by me I guess? Join me as I recap this SUPERSIZED episode of Farrah’s journey to birthing Sophia. Spoilers: less than 10 years ago we didn’t know how to use cell phones and also… Deb is the WORST. Enjoyyyyyy!


Teen Mom OG Farrah “fired” episode/Marriage Boot Camp recap

Hey guys! Were you all as annoyed as I was about how anti-climactic this episode was??? Well I have stuff to SAY! I recap the episode from last night: Farrah “gets fired”, Tyler’s sister wants a baby with a man on a leash, Maci talks about getting naked while breaking up sticks, and Amber lies on a sloth. Also I do a brief recap of Amber and Matt on Marriage Boot Camp! Enjoy!!!