Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 3 “The Last Straw” With Liz Bentley!!!

WHEW! What a day of podcasting! Liz (from Feathers in my Hair podcast) and I talked for almost 4 hours today about Teen Mom, and the craziest takeaway from this episode is how LITTLE Amber has changed AT ALL! Actually, none of them really have. Maci is still thinking Ryan wants her back and is desperate to create drama between him and Kyle (spoiler alert: the results of which is THE most uneventful scene in TM history thus far), Butch and his rat tail are released from an 8 month stint in prison, and Tyler lists off about 26 cliche inspirational quotes, Farrah screams at Deb for quietly suggesting they talk to a Lawyer about maintaining custody of Sophia, but Farrah CAN HANDLE THIS HERSELF, and Amber complains to Gary about how unfair it is that her child might be taken away from her. Basically the exact same Amber storyline as this most recent episode. Kinda freaky! Enjoy!


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Teen Mom OG Season 3: Episode 2 “To Be With Youuuuuwah”

Happy weekend!!! I hope we are all staying happy and healthy, and ready to talk mad shit together about this dumpster fire of an episode! First of all, I confess the biggest crush I have ever had on a single person, and how I am doing everything I can all week to get him out of my god damn system (spoiler: its Bill Hader still). On the episode proper, Maci does the most piss poor timeout in the God forsaken universe, Cate sends Tyler into a full tailspin while going apartment hunting, and then tries to give them both bed bugs, Farrah poses in a….hair show? Looking like a horse? I didn’t really follow. Oh, and in Amber and Gary land, theres trouble in paradise when things get heated on the way to a waterpark. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom Season 3: Episode 1 “Taking it Slow”

HELLOOOO!!! We made it guys! MY GOD this is a great season…so at least we have something to watch during this time of quarantine and uncertainty; the only certain thing will always been our trusty TM gals! I have recovered from my stomach trying to leave my body, so I was truly excited and HONORED to recap this episode for you all!

On this episode, Ryan sends a text to Maci…yes…DAT TEXT….someone actually bails on robbing April’s house bc nothing in there was worth it, Farrah is HERE FOR BOOBS, and Amber really needs to try to forgive Gary for all he has done to hurt her, (the victim). Enjoyyyy!


TRP Unlocked episode (for your Quarantine boredom): Sister Wives S12 E10: Wedding part 2

Love is meant to multiplied, not divided. Same goes for street tacos & tres leches cake because it’s TONY, BITCH! This episode has it all: Brown Family mosh pits, Christine singing, Robyn’s 4th wife privilege, and Meri’s sadness. Amanda is a Sister Wives virgin so after a crash course in Brown Family 101 from Jodie, the nuances of the Wedding Padron-Brown are not lost on anyone. Sure Amanda whips out her piano to determine which note Christine is trying to hit & of course Jodie knows the exact number of street tacos can fit down her gullet, but all in all it was a great reception. Unless you got hit by the flying debris of a mutilated bride or groom piñata.

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 12 “Means to an End” (Season 3 Finale)

Helllloooooo! You guys….we are in a weird time right now but as always, I try to find the humor in it! If anything, it gives me more time to soak up more reality tv content and spit it out for you all! Me, Walter and the Kitties are all Corona free (we aren’t beer drinkers in this house!). On this finale special, Kail acts SUPER mature when Vee extends an olive branch to her, aka she screams in Jo’s face and then invites ONLY Jo to Isaacs bday party, Chelsea FINALLY FINISHES HER FUCKING GED PRAISE THE LORD, Leah seems to not understand the concept of MTV recording her openly admitting 100 times that she loves Corey more than her own Fiance, and Jenelle and Babs skype with Andrew who looks…..just really good you guys. Enjoy!!!!




Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 11 “Breakdown

We are SOOO close to finishing out this season of Teen Mom 2! And OH….the BAD DECISIONS HERE! Its some rough stuff guys. On this episode, I first breakdown the insanity of the Celine Dion concert I saw this past week, and then we BREAKDOWN this episode. Chelsea is having trouble dealing with Adam’s 21st birthday??? This is a thing? Fish Lips Mgee sinks his HOOK deeper into Kail and Isaac to ensure PRIMO TV airtime, Leah and Jeremy skip those pesky little relationships development steps such as getting to know each other, dating for more than a couple months,  knowing each others middle names…etc… and decide to skip right to GETTING ENGAGED, and Jenelle sends a SHOCKWAVE to the audience that Andrew might not be Jace’s dad even though they look identical to each other. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 10 “Half Empty, Half Full”

Happy March, everyone! And happy church day to us all! Did you all have a good leap year week? Other than a very miniscule nervous breakdown, mine was splendid! You’ll hear ALL about it, whether you want to or not. On this episode, Kail decides to move into a house where her bedroom will look like an actual crime scene, Chelsea moves into a new house that is SOOOO CUTEEEEE DAD!!!!, Leah drops out of school the because the stress of making a 30 second phone call to Corey is making it impossible to keep up with her homework, and GUESS WHOSE BAAAAACK in Jenelle’s life? Looks like shes gonna need to break out her blue hoodie again! But where is that hoodie? You’ll find out! Enjoy!

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