Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 2 “Keeping Hope Alive”

Happy Saturday! You guys have a REAL TREAT ahead of you! You get to experience almonst in real time, my transaction with Shutterfly Customer Service. Oh the twists and turns! Anyway, after I sort all that out, we get into this amazing episode. Leah is SHOCKED to find out that Corey isnt spending every waking second crying over his lying and cheating ex-wife, Kail forces herself to be sexually attracted to Jordan again, ADAAAAMMMM gives Chelsea a “minimum effort” ring that makes Randy eat 700 lb of bbq ribs in response, and Jenelle fails her drug test and is SOOOO UPSETTTTT DUUUUUDE! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 1 “Walk the Line”

Oh joy unbounded! Rapture unending! You guys….I found the light in the darkness that is the currently airing TM seasons….and the light is THESE OLD EPISODES! Watching this episode made me remember why the heck I started this podcast in the first place, bc this show is SO FREAKING GOOD!

On this episode, Chelsea teases us with some feathers in her hair, and turns into the heart eyes emoji when she looks at Adam, I break down Jo’s MUSIC VIDEO for you (but still guys…go watch it), Leah somehow turns her divorce into 100% Corey being a big fat jerk, and Jenelle and Babs….well…..theyre back. THEY’RE BACK! Enjoy!


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MIDSEASON BONUS: “Best Supporting Teen Mom Awards” aka A Crossover with Nick & Colin

Hello everyone! Happy early holiday wishes to you all! Today, Best Supporting Podcast hosts Nick Kochanov and Colin Drucker (Two of our all star guest hosts for AL2H), join me to present the First Annual Best Supporting Teen Mom Awards! We also discuss random pop culture and BSA of the Week. You guys…this episode is a blast and we promise to make it an annual event if you love it as much as we loved recording it!

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Teen Mom 2 Season ??? Episode 9: Sugar-Coated Mood

Hello everyone! This week was TUMULTUOUS to say the least…lots of tension there…WOWEE! But you know I thrive off of the tension, so I loved this episode obviously! This week, Kail is officially Mama Culkin crossed with Bert and Ernie, Jade works the Mother’s Day shift and gets shit online for seeming stressed out, Briana officially hates John more than both her baby daddies combined, Leah is once again mother of the year, and Chelsea needs to poop in a gas station restroom, 2007 Britney style! Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season Bored To Death: Episode 8 “Bailout”

Hello! Today’s episode is brought to you by the emotion JOY! I found this episode incredibly non-exciting, yet couldn’t turn away! Turns out…I’m not COMPLETELY void of feeling and I do actually get happiness out of other people’s smiles and laughter! On this episode, Briana wants me to hire her as my early morning cat sitter, Kail has truly the HAPPIEST scene shes had in Teen Mom history, Jade chooses to pay rent over bailing out her Mother Adnan from prison, Chelsea drives 45 minutes to say yes to the plaid, and Gracie officially is higher on the fashion spectrum that I will ever be. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season Infinity: Episode 7 “Normal Parents”

Hey all! So on this episode, I OBVIOUSLY am going to deal with the BREAKING news from today (Jenelle is feeling cryptic and SPOOKY OOKY today), Javi is starting Lincoln early into body image issues, Briana was in Long Island and didn’t even call me (rude!), Jade pulls a Carrie Bradshaw and gets a makeover, Chelsea says the word “hunter green” and is immediately deemed a fashion mogul, and Corey is back to actually show us hes not running as tight a ship as we all had thought. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Vacation: Episode 7 “Getting Lei’d”

Hey all! On this pretty hysterically funny episode, (Well at least for one cast member…oh JESUS GOD), I am equally bored and intrigued by this cast. Did you guys know Kail was “in this episode”? Also, it turns out my target wardrobe of jeans and graphic tees classifies me and “edgy” and “unique”…who knew? Also, Roxanne finds a new excuse to fan herself and cause drama where none exists, Jade needs to emancipate herself from literally everyone, and Leah and Dawn are BOTH not qualified to teach level 1 Gymboree art classes. Enjoy!