Teen Mom OG Season 2: Episode 1 “Not Again” with special guest Colin Drucker

OMG! So much to discuss. First off, Jenelle is fired….so JUSTICE FOR NUGGET! Also, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! Mostly because my special guest Colin Drucker (from the Alright Mary podcast and the In the Details Podcast) brought me so much joy and humor through this episode, but also becasue guys…lets face it…the show used to actually be really great! PLEASE enjoy! 🙂

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 16 “He Didn’t Look Like a Prince”

Hey guys! How’s this for an early  release? I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you! Lets discuss this episode: Kail and Amber are more sisterly than Kail and her super boring actual sister, Luis needs to learn how to speak in a BARITONE range when he’s around his child, Chelsea and her mom fight over who has the most horrendous hairstyle, Leah’s kids spill the TEA on Jason (and I spill some TEA about my breakup), and Jenelle gets paid for a social media segment. Enjoy!


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Past 3 TM2 Episodes with Jodie Hough!

Hey guys! Sorry about the hiatus last week, but to make up for it, I bring you a huge episode with everyone’s favorite reality podcaster, Jodie Hough from Realitv Podcast (and also Total Request Podcast…with me!!!)

We break down the past three episodes of Teen Mom 2, and boy oh boy does my body hurt from laughing so much! Hopefully you will feel the same way. Love you all! Enjoy!!!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 13 “Home is Home”

Hey guys! Happy Palm Sunday…I promise my weekend was much worse than yours! Happy to be back talking about this mediocre episode of Teen Mom 2. On this episode, Kail loves hot sauce as much as I do, Cole can’t even escape out of a children’s escape room, Nova makes me have PTSD from my own daddy issues, Leah surprises her kids with basic living conditions, and Jenelle and Babs def did cocaine together right??? Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 9 “Do the Dangle”

Hey guys! Im back early again…talkin’ about a Jenelle-free episode! Honestly…didn’t really even notice other than the absence of Babs, which my throat thanks MTV for giving me a break from!

On this episode, Cole is officially an ACTUAL baby, Kail somehow sidesteps being offended by her sister’s kind of shitty comment, Brianna is THE BEST MOM EVER, and Leah DOES NOT LIVE WITH JASON. Also….where the FUCK are Ali’s glasses and wheelchair? JESUS! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 11 “Peace Gathering”

Guys! I loved this episode….I giggled like a schoolgirl whilst watching! On this episode, Leah tries to explain medical terms to us so hard you can almost see smoke coming out of her ears, Briana needs to RAISE HER STANDARDS FOR MEN, Chelsea continues to be the most annoying person in the world, made more annoying by the fact that she’s in the right, and Kail and Jenelle’s non-existent feud goes viral. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 10 “This Can End One of Two Ways”

Guys! This was actually a pretty spectacular epsisode! I mean…by teen mom 2 standards….by which I mean it was at least slightly interesting. These are the standards at which we are judging this dying franchise at this point. On this episode, the god damn Dejesus family have burrowed their way into my black heart, Kail shows us a little bit of humanity and I am INTO IT, Leah and Jason give a piss poor performance of community theatre acting, Chelsea and Cole act as if they are saving Aubree from a burning building, and NO ONE PUTS BABS IN THE CORNA!!! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 9 “Momster Mash” with Jodie Hough

Hey guys! Today I am giving you my episode that I recorded with Jodie Hough (from the Reality Podcast) this past week that is usually reserved for Patreon….but we are giving it to you now because I don’t think I could’ve possibly said anything better than what we Kiki’d about here! We also get into some hot HBO topics: Leaving Neverland and the Adnan Documentary, so if you love true crime as much as we do, stick around after we finish discussing Teen Mom 2! Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 8 “Cold War”

WOW guys this episode was POLARIZING for me….and I didn’t even realize how much until I actually recorded and realized how much I had to say about the Chelsea segments. Warning for anyone who LOVES Chelsea and Cole, maybe skip this episode of my podcast? On this episode, MTV explores what a Jenelle-free episode would look like (spoiler: it was actually fine), Briana has the most boring choice of men ever, Kailyn needs to invest in a BRA when she goes to school functions, Leah thinks its awesome to send her kids out with people who are sick, and Chelsea and Cole put on a skit from the Pleasantville era….and Im not buying it. Enjoy!


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Free Bonus: Total Request Podcast with Amanda and Jodie: Jersey Shore

You request it, we watch it! In this bonus episode, get a taste of what youre missing with a Jersey Shore breakdown! This episode is the infamous “Cabs are Here” episode of Season 3. We hope you enjoy this free preview and leave you wanting more!

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episodes available so far:

Kitchen Nightmares: Amy’s Baking Company,

Flavor of Love: The Flavor of Chicken

Extreme Love: Season 1 episode 3

Tomorrow: The Office “Dinner Party”

Next week: Trading Spouses “God Warrior”




Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 7 “Surprise!”

Whats the surprise for that this episode is titled for? Surprise….Jason decides to attend a child’s tooth pulling? Surprise….Cole is the one hurting the MOST in this whole Adam/Aubree situation?  Surprise….Luis pay up, you Mr. Potatohead MF? Surprise…..Jo can’t even bring himself to make free instagram money as he lays on the couch? Surprise…Nathan still doesn’t know how to use the word “professional” in a sentence? All will be revealed Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 6 “Cry it Out” with special guest Rylee Ennis

Hello friends! Sorry for my lapse in episode last week (but quite frankly, I don’t think anyone missed ANYTHING really). This week I am joined by Rylee Ennis of Snap Back to Reality Podcast to discuss this episode of Teen Mom 2. This cast is DESPERATE for storylines, you guys. Rylee hasn’t watched this show since the golden era (aka the Kiefer episodes) so it was interesting to get her insights! On this episode, Kailyn is WAY too busy to say 3 words to Lauren, Cole cries…a lot….and then tells us how he NEVER cries, Leah’s boyfriend needs to STFU, Roxanne ANNOYINGLY had a great episode and I like her now, and Jenelle has A LOT OF OTHER THINGS GOING ON, YOU GUYS! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 4 “Don’t Wanna Go Home”

Hello friends! So I for some reason that a lot happened in this episode but apparently I was just thrown off by the time it took me to write down Jenelle’s monologue explainatiin. On this episode, Cole is a southern belle, Jason is getting closer and closer to become John Meehan, Briana’s boyfriend takes her on the worst date ever, Kail forced her hair care line down our throats, and Babs shows a lot of insight into the horrors of domestic abuse. Try to enjoy 🙁

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 3 “Hurricane”

WHOA! This was a rough one guys. I TRY to find the humor in this incredibly dark episode tho. On this episode, I am triggered by the brand name Monkey Joe’s, Leah REALLY wants us to believe she isn’t to blame for the WHIL-CHAIR debacle, Kail meet up with Cate and Ty but won’t let them actually speak, Did Chelseas water break? NO! And DAT 911 call tho. Dark shit. try to enjoy!!!

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Total Requests Pod: 1st Episode Preview

For all you loyal listeners, here is a 10 min clip of my new podcast with Jodie! Our first episode, which drops on February 1st (and on every Friday) is a recap ofKitchen Nightmares: Amy’s Baking Company. If you like what you hear, please consider becoming a patron for $4 a month at patreon.com/amandaandjodie. When you sign up, you  get to assign us any episode of any show in the whole world for us to recap on the Pod. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 2 “Reconnect”

Sorry for the delay but I promise, you will hear every detail as to what kind of a week I had! I could never completely desert you guys tho…bc there’s….well not a lot actually….but SOME STUFF to talk about with this episode of Teen Mom 2! On this episode, Leah has taught her children and boyfriend her favorite word (AGGRAVATE), Kail probably shouldnt refuse to film when she is arguably the most boring segment lately, Stella has no effing clue who Luis is, Cole shows off his handyman skills, and MTV pays Andrew to pretend to love his own child. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 12 “Love will Tear us Apart”

Well, we made it to the end of our season 2! Now we can focus on the current season at hand. Today Nick joins me to discuss this incredibly emotional episode (spoiler alert, Nick cried twice).  On this episode, Kail and Jo have  some uncomfortable, wet, steamy sex, Corey can survive on a microwave alone, Chelsea takes a ride on the wild side, and Jenelle goes to Hollywood. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 1 “DOT DOT DOT”

Hello Darkness, my old friend! Wow. The teen mom 2 girlses are back, and boy this was a good one…at least I thought so! So much to unpack here.  This week, Leah and the girls all giggle as if they’ve never been around an actual MAN before, Kail has one weakness, and that weakness is dead frogs, Devoin apparently lives at a TGI Fridays, Cole fangirls out about a new house, and WHERE IS PRODUCER KRISTEN???  Enjoy!

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Special Episode: A Crossover with Feathers in my Hair! (16 & Pregnant: Jordan)

Today I got together with Liz Bentley from FIMH podcast, one of the first podcasts I ever listened to about Teen Mom! Liz assigned us this AMAZING episode of 16 & Pregnant, and she definitely knew what she was doing because I was GAGGED at how things turn out in this one. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 11 “Falling”

Hello friends! Can you feel it in the air? I’m talking about DAT NEW FRESH SEASON OF TEEM MOM 2!!! Its just around the corner, so I am wrapping up this season so we can concentrate on real time TM2 happenings. That means you will get two episodes this week! yay!!!

This week, Jordan lives in a land of miniatures, Chelsea is good at reading (we know because she lets us know), Leah and Corey have a ROUGH ROUGH episode that makes me incredibly sad, and Jenelle wears tie dye and pretends to make up with Keifer and like, make positive changes in her life or whatever. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 10 “Love Comes and Goes”

Happy New Year, friends! Im baaaack! And so are the 4 TM2 girlses and their DRAWMA MAWMA! On this episode, Jordan would rather play with a firetruck than stop Kailyn and Jo from banging right there in front of him, We get our first “Jesus God, Leah!” of the series, Chelsea “marches” her way around the mall for $610, and Jenelle wants to light up a blizzle pretty much AT the courthouse…but uh oh….she can’t! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 9 “The Beginning of the End”

This is a CLASSIC episode!!! Leah smashes a spider like a BOSS, Jo is honestly my hero and Jordan wears an ironic hoodie UNIRONICALLY, I actually have a MOMENT where I’m happy that Chelsea met Cole, and Jenelle just wants everyone to LEAVE…HER….ALOOOONE!!! Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 8 “Making Moves” with Jodie Hough

Happy THURSDAY, friends! Jodie from Reality Podcast joins me this week to discuss the penis sizes and sexual ability of all the teen dads! On this episode, Leah throws cheese puffs all over the carpet, Kail could not be BITCHIER about filing for child support, Chelsea does a job interview standing up, and Jenelle smokes what? WEED!!!!




Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 7 “Breaking Point”

Happy Friday!!! Guys this is an amazing episode! SOOO much Abercrombie. On this episode, Leah and Corey are waiting to get Alis test results back. Leah and Corey are waiting to get Ali’s test results back. Leah and Corey are waiting to get Ali’s test results back etc……, Kail has a BRIEF moment of weakness and humanity, Chelsea thinks carrying a child up and down the stairs MAKES NO SENSE, and Jenelle JUST NEEDS TO TALK TO KIEFFER!  Enjoy!!!




Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode6 “Lean on Me”

Hey guys! On this episode, Leah decides to torture a poor helpless animal by introducing it to the girlses, Kail apparently can’t be trusted to make a box cake, Chelsea finally says goodbye to DAT WIG, and Jenelle and Keiffer get a lucky break. Also, I am going to go DEEP into my criminal past. Its an episode not to be missed! Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 5 “Home for Christmas” with Nick Kochanov

Happy holidays, fellow love/haters! Today Nick Kochanov (from The No Good Very Bad Gay Podcast and Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour Podcast) joins me to discuss this Christmas episode of Teen Mom 2. On this episode, Corey wraps a bomb for the girls xmas present, Kail can’t even smile on the hap-happiest season of all, Chelsea is ALL ABOUT WIGS, and Jenelle misses Kiefer after 2 hours of being in jail. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 4 “No Looking Back:

Hey guys! On todays episode, Leah FINALLYYYYY gets the results of Ali’s MrAAAAAH, Chelsea spills ten gallons of water on her bed, Kail’s gynecologist should probably be investigated by the FBI, and Babs gives Jenelle JUMPA CABLES! Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 3 “Intensive Care”

Hey guys! I missed everyone this week! Full disclosure, I binged this ENTIRE season on amazon like it was my JOB over the weekend, so I am extra motivated and excited for the next couple months!!!

On this episode, Ali gets her 75th MRAHHH, Kail steals her mom’s remote control, Adam reads the Bible for the first time ever, and Babs wears an orange turtleneck. Enjoy!!!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 2: Episode 2 “Curveball”

Hello friends! This was a fun episode…especially because you get a surprise LIVE Jenelle update in the middle of it! This season of TM2 is reminding me why we all loved this thing so much…because stuff ACTUALLY HAPPENS! On this episode, Gracie takes her first step and literally no one cares, Chelsea breaks her knee while messaging Adam on fb, Kai receives a drunken passive aggressive note from a 50 year old man, and we see a TON of butt cracks in Jenelle’s segment. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2: Season 2 Episode 1 “Best Laid Plans”

Teen Mom 2 is back again!!! And doesn’t it feel good? Like a big warm blanket. Nick Kochanov (from Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour Podcast and No Good Very Bad Gay Podcast) is with us to talk about this episode, with so many iconic moments we can barely keep them straight!

On this episode, Leah buys some scrubs and can’t figure out why Corey doesn’t trust her, Chelsea DOES NOT want to get back together with Adam, Kail is dating an adult baby, and Babs SEEN JENELLE WIT KEIFA!!!

Also, I clear up some confusion about my Patreon and this feed always being free! Don’t worry guys, you will NEVER have to pay for this podcast…just the extras! Babs wouldn’t want it any other way.


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Teen Mom OG: Episode 8 “Happy Birthday”

Hello friends! Today I am joined by Jodie Hough from Realitv podcast and Moms on the Rocks podcast to finish out this EPIC season of Teen Mom HERSTORY! I honestly think this was the MOST fun we’ve had to date! We discuss Farrah and Deb’s episode of “Face the Truth”, then we delve into this episode, where we will see Cate and Ty pretend to get re-engaged, Ryan can’t handle what a BITCH Maci is lately DAMN, Farrah takes Sophia. to a Mommy and Me class to find eligible men to date, and Amber and Gary go shopping at a Dollar store and are FLOORED by the prices.   Enjoyyyyy!


Teen Mom OG Season 1: Episode 7 “Baby Steps”

Hello friends! Sorry for the tiny hiatus, but I hope you enjoy this week! Ryan finds a way to non-ironically call Maci lazy, Tyler wants to join the army, or Air Force, or the YMCA, or whatever, Farrah pretends to look for an apartment but then remembers she isn’t capable of basic social interaction, and Amber finds her own apartment GARY!!!! Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom OG Season 1: Episode 6 “Standing Up”

Today I am joined once again by the AMAZING Jodie Hough from Realitv Podcast!!! We delve DEEP into this episode of OG, but FIRST we spend some time breaking down some of these random stupid specials MTV has been spewing out at us the past few Mondays. On this episode, Farrah preheats some cheese on a PREMADE pizza crust as part of a school assignment, Tylers mom brings us back to an INFAMOUS early 90’s style trend, Maci and Ryan argue about him ya know…getting a JOB, and Amber takes Leah to the germ fair…aka the public library. Enjoy!




Teen Mom Season 1: Episode 5 “A Little Help”

Hello, fellow hate/lovers! Today I ramble on about how Tyler gets an entire weekend away from Braces Mgee, Farrah is trying to date Dylan, or Alexander, or Devon, or Philip, Or Richard…does it even matter? Maci and RHINE go to counseling and take family pictures, and Gary surprises Amber with a feast for the GAWDS! Enjoyyyy!!!


Teen Mom Season 1: Episode 4 “Moving On”

Welcome to the 90s, friends! On today’s episode, Farrah stars in her own play “where’s the Nuvaring???”, Cate completely GUILT TRIP Tyler into letting him move in with him and his shoulder pad lovin’ mom, Maci and Ryan….lets all say it together; GET BACK TOGETHER!!!! Annnnd Amber and Gary go “golfing” and “play baseball” and “breakup again”.



Teen Mom Season 1: Episode 3 “Fallout”

Hello, friends! Are you ready for THE SLAP? The first slap! We often overlook this slap bc the second slap is what gets all the media attention, but this one is GOLDEN. Also, Farrah can’t take a hint, Cate has some kind of seizure at the bowling alley that makes Tyler question his sexuality, and Maci has friends that go to college. Enjoyyyy!!!


Teen Mom OG Season 1: Episode 2 “How Many Chances?”

I’m baaaack! Did you miss me? I’ll tell you who I missed…..Amber! And Gary! And the rest of them have some hysterical antics this week too. Ryan auditions for a drunk driving ad, Tyler gets a tattoo of a paw print on his stomach, Farrah plays mini golf with a guy named Shaq (seriously) , and Amber puts her baby on a conference table. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom OG Season 1: Episode 1 “Looking for Love” with guest host Jodie Hough

Hi guys! We made it! Together, we did it. Happy to start a new chapter fresh. Today I welcome Jodie, who is the host of Realitv podcast, which is my favorite other TM podcast to listen to and we had a BLAST!!!

We discuss general thoughts on the franchise, give brief thoughts on the “Behind the Screams” episode of Teen Mom 2, then we take a deep dive into the very first episode of Teen Mom OG. Enjoy!!!




Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 12 “Judgement Day”

We have arrived at the end of season 1!!! I think we will all miss it terribly, but it will give us an opportunity to explore our OG girls soon! Today Nick joins me one last time (until season 2 of TM2) to discuss the ins and outs of the journeys of these girls this season, and also to touch on Jenelle’s road rage video! Chelsea has Aubree’s first bday (But really its a party for Chelsea), Leah and Corey get married by Ken Bone in a Jerry Seinfeld tie, Kailyn teaches Jordan that he knows nothing about Spanish, and Jenelle gets her FIRST ARREST AND MUGSHOT!!!  Enjoy!!!





Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 11 “Road Rage”

It finally happened y’all! It felt like xmas, thanksgiving, and the indy 500 all rolled into one!

Today I do a little recap of the “Times Teen Mom broke the internet” special which was gold in its own way…and then I delve DEEP into ROAD RAGE! Jenelle and Briana…actually..Roxanne really…are in a competition for best segment. Chelsea gives Watson early nightmares, Leah’s kids only want to spend time with her if its FIRST CLASS to Hawaii…and Kailyn goes to get custody arrangements for the 50th time. Enjoyyyy!

Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 11 “One Step Back”

Hi guys! This week, we have part two of the CREDIT CAHD episode! Babs threatens Jenelle with criminal CHAAAHGES, Chelsea confirms that she IS indeed a mean girl (But she is SOOOO over Adam you guys) Kail files for custody for the first of exactly one thousand times, and Leah and Corey want a Camo wedding cake and I want to die. Enjoy!!!



Teen Mom 2 Episode 10: Forget about Dre

Hello fellow Haters!!! What the hell is with this episode title? this should be called “The long kiss goodbye” or “Cole lives his true self through a school dance”.

On this episode, Briana and her mother show us a side to their relationship that no one was ready for, Leah and Kailyn talk about doing a podcast, then do the podcast, then talk about having done the podcast, Jenelle has a brother who WILL NOT STOP WASHING DISHES, and Cole hits MY personal limit of using the term “HAY GURRRL!”, Just….enjoy please!




Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 10 “Thirsty”

Hello friends! on today’s episode, Javi and Briana FINALLY break up and somehow the world continues to spin, Brittany eats toxic waste soup in front of us and calls Briana a bagel, Kail is ALWAYS RIGHT and Im finally slightly annoyed by her, Jeremy knows nothing about color schemes, we find out that Cole’s favorite color is pink and literally no one is surprised, and Jace says what everyone in the world is already thinking. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 10 ” Two Steps Forward” (but really….this is THE CREDIT CAHHHD EPISODE)

Hello friends! Today Nick Kochanov is back to join us to discuss what is probably the most important moment of our entire friendship: When Jenelle steals Bab’s credit card!!! Also, Chelsea WILL NOT STOP TALKING about how over Adam she is. Leah and Corey have the two worst Bachelor/ette parties in history, and Jo and Kail are just the best!!! Enjoy!

Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 8 “Quicksand”

hello friends! This season continues to be terrible and boring but lets keep trudging along! Today, Leah and Jeremy pretend to be coy even though their past the age of COYness, Chelsea talks about ADAAAAMMMMM as Cole POSES on the carpet, Briana could care LESS about Javi, and Kailyn doesn’t like getting presents I guess. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 9 “Slippery Slope”

Hello friends! Today we get down to some goooood nitty gritty!!!! Jo tells Kailyn she should be a cave dweller, Chelsea and Adam have a fun filled love fest at the Fair, Leah buys a wedding dress with Corey’s mom who could not BE more in shock about the whole situation, and Jenelle and Keifer plan to go to Jersey with those CREDIT CAAAHHHDS!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 6 “Unicorn Poop”

Hello friends! On today’s episode, you will journey with Amanda as she tries to heal her janky eye. Chelsea and Chelsea Grace audition for an episode of Fargo, Jeremy makes Leah and the rest of us SWOON, Briana misses her babies, Kailyn wears crushed velvet and we are in a fight over it, and Jenelle and David perform Cabin Fever the sequel. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 5 “Bitter Baby Mama”

Hello fellow hate/lovers!!! This week’s episode was much ado about nothing…but I have FAITH that we are leading up to the BIG BANG!!! This week, Chelsea forces med to see plaid even when my eyes are closed,  Leah wants Aleah to feel her FEEELLLZES…..Briana yawns and eats sushi, Kailyn and Vee are friendship goals, and Jenelle and David prepare a meat and cheese appetizer to accompany an uncut pizza.  Enjoy!!!






Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 7 “Switching Gears”

On today’s episode, we have many milestones being met! Kailyn gets a hostessing job and Jo sends an Adam-level text in response, Chelsea says ADAAAAM about 300 times, Corey makes Leah fish for her own engagement ring, and Jenelle and Keifer make themselves comfortable in the cabin they will soon be arrested for trespassing in.  Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 4 “The Hangover”

hello fellow Teen Mom love/haters. This week we return to old format, thank GAWD. I can’t handle these girls interacting with each other….and that includes Javi. Today, Chelsea and Cole baby talk my vagina into menopause, Briana and Javi cause Brittany to spill tomato sauce and the world somehow continues to turn, Kail introduces the world to my new celebrity crush Dom, Leah needs ALL the cigarettes, and Jenelle calls 911 *eye roll*. Enjoy!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 6 “Taking Sides”

This week, Nick Kochanov joins me again to discuss this riveting episode of teen Mom 2. Corey and Leah mouth breath at each other and wear Camo, Randy throws some shade at Adam but still is an enabler, Kail tries her damndest to convince people she IS NOT INTO JO FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, and Jenelle helps Babs hand CREPE PAYPA for Jace’s BIRTHDAY PAAATEEEE!





Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 5 “Moving In, Moving Out”

Happy Mother’s Day to all you PIECE OF SHIT MOTHAS OUT DEYA!!!! But seriously, I love all you listeners and I hope you enjoy this episode! On this episode, Corey does a piss-poor job of not only taking care of the girls, but just being alone in his own house for a couple hours, Jo attempts to trap Kail in NEWARK, Chelsea and Adam continue in their “bliss” (aka Adam is being Kinda nice), and Jenelle and Kiefer stay out all night smoking THE WEEEEEED and Babs is NOT having it. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 4 “Moving In, Moving On”

Hello, fellow Teen Mom addicts! Today I explore what I would call a FILLER EPISODE….TO THE MAXXXX! But never fear, we are building up to ultimate drama, and it’s a slow slow burn, especially when you want the results we know are coming! In today’s episode, Adam terrorizes a family of ducks at the zoo, Kailyn cries about tuition payments, Leah and Corey move into a trailer, and Janelle meets……*drum roll please* KEIFAAAA!!!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 9: Episode 1 “Not to Stir the Pot” (but really…let’s stir DAT POT!)

Hello friends! Isn’t the world such a happier place now that Teen Mom 2 has returned? The sun is shinier, the grass is greener, and the land continues to wreak havoc on all that enter. On this episode, Chelsea continues a storyline from…like…2 seasons ago? Leah, Kai Briana and Javi all morph together into one single super storyline, Briana and Javi CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY HATE DRAMA, and Jenelle is back. And with Janelle, there comes Barb. And Barb is PISSED OFF TO THE MAX you guys. Enjoy!!!

Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 3 “Change of Heart”

Hello! I had a great day today so I decided to grace everyone with another episode on this gorgeous Friday! I had my doctor appt (spoiler: I am NOT dying!) and I discuss a little more of the developing Jenelle road rage incident. On this episode proper: Chelsea is FLABBERGASTED by Adam’s ability to keep a baby alive for an hour an a half, Leah and Corey continue to get back together while Corey avoids blowing his nose, Kailyn “breaks up with Jordan”, and Janelle buys a sundress. Enjoy!!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 2 “So Much to Lose”

Hello friends! Today I discuss that AMAZING gift that Jenelle gave us….her gun totin’ highway driving…and also that creepy ass video Tyler’s sister posted that will forever be in my deepest nightmares. On the episode proper, Chelsea falls for Adam’s 3 words per sentences, Kailyn dates the smuggest robot who ever robot-ed, Leah and Corey mumble to each other about poor little Ali, and Jenelle’s lawyer wins an Oscar for “best ability to act like you aren’t going to laugh out loud at a client”. Enjoy!!!


Teen Mom 2 Season 1: Episode 1 “Nothing Stays the Same” (Except for Amanda’s obsession with Babs)

You guys! I have such a treat for you! My best friend and co-host on my other podcast Nick Kochanov is my guest this week. He has never seen an episode of Teen Mom in his entire life, but I tell ya, he put his heart and soul into this recap! We laugh a LOT as we embark on this joyous journey that is the early seasons of Teen Mom!


16 & Pregnant: Chelsea

Hello! We are almost finished with our Teen Mom 2 girls! This week I recap Chelsea’s journey through the dark underbelly of dating a sociopathic douchebag! I go through a wide range of emotions here…and you’ll never predict where I end up at the end! Spoiler: I forgot how much I used to LOVE CHELSEA!!!! Also, Adam is literally the WORST.  Enjoyyyy!


16 & Pregnant: Caitlynn & Tyler

Hello! Happy Good FriYAY! I decided to ruin everyone’s day today by dropping the most emotional and depressing episode of 16 and Preggers on y’all! Listen, I watched this and am giving you a detailed recap so none of you ever have to watch it again! Its pretty rough guys. But I tried to find the LOYT-heartedness of it when I could! Enjoyyyyy!


16 & Pregnant: Kailyn

Hello friends! Surprise! I dropped another episode on you! One day I will figure out an official day to drop episodes but until then, join me will you, on this journey into Kailyn’s 16 & Pregnant episode. Things you need to know: Kailyn’s hair is awesome, there is a story arc with a kitty that I am concerned about, and both her birth parents are pretty much useless in her biggest time of need. Enjoy!!!



16 & Pregant Recap: JENELLE!!!!

my favorite cast member of the whole series…and the one who I credit with making me fall in love with this franchise. I also do a recap of this most recent episode of Teen Mom OG where literally nothing happens….but please join me as I recap the origins of jenelle, Babs, Jace, Deadbeat dad Andrew, and that weird bf of Babs who ran off with a Hooters waitress. Enjoy!!!


16 & Pregnant Recap: Farrah Abraham

You guys…recapping this episode was almost a religious experience for me. For any of you who think you know Farrah, PLEASE go back and watch this because if you can watch this episode and NOT think she’s kind of delightful….don’t sit by me I guess? Join me as I recap this SUPERSIZED episode of Farrah’s journey to birthing Sophia. Spoilers: less than 10 years ago we didn’t know how to use cell phones and also… Deb is the WORST. Enjoyyyyyy!


Teen Mom OG Farrah “fired” episode/Marriage Boot Camp recap

Hey guys! Were you all as annoyed as I was about how anti-climactic this episode was??? Well I have stuff to SAY! I recap the episode from last night: Farrah “gets fired”, Tyler’s sister wants a baby with a man on a leash, Maci talks about getting naked while breaking up sticks, and Amber lies on a sloth. Also I do a brief recap of Amber and Matt on Marriage Boot Camp! Enjoy!!!