Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 9 “A New Direction”

Happy Tuesday! Ive been putting off this episode because, lets face it, it bums me out just a teensy bit talking about SUPER preventable dog deaths, but I made it through…and I even got a dog-free Chelsea/Mary scene for ya! Also on this episode, Jeremy is THRILLED to have Leah absolutely be settling for him….she literally tells him as much, you guys! But I see his long con…he wants in on that sweet sweet new house! Kailyn has yet another devastating backstory episode, which includes Suzy…who HILARIOUSLY thinks she has some kind of custodial rights over Isaac. Sure girl, sure. And We bid a fond farewell to Josh. Oh Josh….gone but not forgotten. Except…..FORGOTTEN. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 8 “Caught in the Middle”

Helloooo! Happy TEEN MOM 2 FRI-YAY! I had a blast watching and recording this episode, as I always do for these classics. On this episode, Chelsea SCHOOLS all of us on the finer points of potty training in the living room, on a shag rug…..we pretty much watch the exact moment Corey realizes he doesn’t ACTUALLY want to get back with Leah…now that its way too late, Kail has another boring but kind of endearing episode, Austin-style, and Jenelle HAS A HEADACHE! WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT???? Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 7 “Building Blocks” with extra special guest, Johnny from Alright Mary!

Hello friends! Johnny is back to kiki about the travesty of this garbage heap of a show. And he did his RESEARCH today, Mawma! On today’s episode, we discuss getting “caught in the act”, play a little game of Fuck, Marry, Kill, and go into the criminal records of everyone on the show. Kailyn has truly the most depressing storyline ever (so we dont really talk much about her), Chelsea and all her friends have bought out every store in South Dakota for FEATHERS, and Chelsea is really excited to start cosmetology school, if it wasn’t for that pesky GED! Don’t worry, she really nailing it at life otherwise (buttered noodles aside). Leah introduces Jeremy to literally everyone in her life, and each meeting is more awkward than the next (not to mention that Corey has chosen this time to come in and eff everything up with his manipulation….I hate men so much), and Jenelle and Babs start out with a BANG of a fight that has zero context, but you know everything can easily be fixed with a nice big glass of red wine at noon. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 6 “A Leap of Faith”

Happy FRI-YAY! Its been quite a day of podcasting, but my heart always truly lies in these throwback Teen Mom episodes! On this episode, Leah and Jeremy begin a courtship for the ages (seriously…its STILL FUCKING HAPPENING TO THIS DAY EVEN THOUGH ITS DEAD), Kail has her most vulnerable episode yet, and Jo can barely contain his laughter, Chelsea wears an Arizona Red Clay mask on her face for this entire episode and is SHOCKED to learn that she has the symptoms of someone with low self-esteem!?!?!?!. And Jenelle. Jenelle meets a new GUYYYY…..but there’s already trouble in paradise when after 3 days of bliss, Jenelle gets in a bad mood. Enjoy!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 5 “Second Chances” with Extra Special guest Nick Nochanov!

Hello all! On this amazing throwback episode, Nick joins me to throw some mad shade at the moms, and at each other! On this episode, Kail doesn’t understand why Jordan would dare ask her if she is planning to cheat on her, Leah and JERMY go on their first date (meaning Jeremy spends the entire date trying to SMASH his GoKart into her), Chelsea feels spontaneous and adopts a $6000 puppy, and Jenelle writes a letter and buys a slip and slide! Enjoy!






Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 4 “Life Goes On”

Im baaaaack! After a much needed holiday hiatus, I am so pumped to get back into TEEN MOM TWOOOAH! On this episode, Leah decides to go back to College for a couple weeks, but has to take an entrance exam (I won’t spoil if she passes or fails), Jordan should technically be dead from the amount of milk he chugs in front of the camera after eating children’s cereal, Chelsea goes to a concert but also ACTUALLY does something with her GED (calm down, it was the practice tests guys), and Jenelle attends the Ke$ha concert with Tori and meets her new best friend, the Bondswoman. Enjoy!


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Teen Mom 2 Season 3: Episode 3 “Things Come to an End” (but really…its the Ke$ha episode) with extra special guest: JOAN MOUM!

WOW WOW WOW! We have made it to arguably one of the most CLASSIC episodes of this show, and John is back to break this shit DOWN! This episode is jam packed with our favorite Teen Mom 2 tropes: Kail is TOTALLY NOT JEALOUS of Jo’s new “girlfriend”, so she decides to prove it by taking him to court for a single picture posted on the Facebook, Leah continues her lifelong goal of trying to convince everyone (most of all, herself) that its Corey’s TRUCK’s fault that they got a divorce, John is absolutely gobsmacked to find out that Chelsea and Adam are actually together in this episode (even though Adam acts like he despises the very air she breathes), and Jenelle? Well….Jenelle gets some feathers in her hair and Babs is OVER IT. Enjoy!